Tuesday, August 25, 2015

There's something about God...

I usually only do online check-in if time is not on my side (early mornings).

Yesterday at work I did my online check-in for my flight this morning, and then I had a check in my spirit.


So later that day, exactly 24 hours before my return flight, I felt like I should do online check-in again.

It was weird but I obeyed because I've learned to trust rather than lean on my intellect.

I was a bit apprehensive about this trip because of the 75 km I had to drive AFTER my flight.

Flight left late so I was 30 minutes late (but I was not the main player and the work could continue - I was just making sure everyone played nicely).

Other than that, it was a wonderful drive.

The scenery in that part of the world is BEYOND gorgeous. My word, South Africa is beautiful.

I don't even have one photo because windy roads/ I was the driver/ I'm not taking chances with my life.


Finished the meeting, browsed a leather goods shop quickly (beautiful stuff - I was this close to undoing my Konmari work after smelling that beautiful leather) and then went back.

Apparently there are two airports and I just typed Nels.pruit Airport in the GPS. When I was close to my destination, I really needed to stop for (a very late) lunch when I started feeling there's something wrong, so instead I just grabbed my apple from the boot and carried on.


At the same time I say D had sent an SMS saying, "is everything ok?" I didn't respond because I can't type and drive and my battery was nearly dead.

Anyway, that first airport was the wrong destination.

I landed up who knows where, no-one knew what I was talking about so I carefully typed the full airport name from my e-ticket, and the GPS said.... 34 minutes to destination... on the other side of the city.... behind big, slow trucks.

I nearly had a fit right there in the car.

Won't bore you but suffice to say I screeched into the real airport 10 minutes before boarding and ran like ........ to the boarding gate.

Of course the flight back was again delayed by 20 minutes but you know they don't care if it's their fault.

If I'd not done online check-in, I'd be toast.... If I'd stopped for lunch like I intended, again, toast. I probably would still be in Nel.spruit because there's ONE flight out in the afternoon.

(that plane was so tiny.....)

So all this to say...

note to myself - PRAY, listen and OBEY.

And now I'm off to bed because this waking at 5 is for the birds, not for me :)

PS The last time we were in Hazy.view I was 6 weeks pregnant.


  1. Oh God was right there with you every minute

  2. I would be sleep walking at 5 in the morning. So happy that you made it...God is good.

  3. I had done online check in and made it here tonight 20 mins before flight and was still declined my flight. I believe I was not meant to make that flight for some reason... it has cost me an arm and a leg when i can least afford it but let go and let God

  4. God directs our steps even when we don't think so!!

  5. I love this post. PRAY. LISTEN. OBEY. LOVE THAT.


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