Monday, September 14, 2015

A little stuck

I just wanted to pop in and say hi.

I feel like writing but the things I want to talk about I don't feel like I can write about here.

So I write nothing.

But I'm fine.

How are you...really?


  1. Love to you my friend - I am ok. You know whats been oing on but from this weekend I am actually ok

  2. Your blog/space write what you like.

    I'm doing well for the first time in ages. Thank goodness for meds. I'm now able to tackle things I've wanted to for ages, but just couldn't. Busy doing the konmari method, hitting a sticking point because J isn't on board, so there are communal items staring at me that just need to go, but he doesn't see it. Things are hitting at the right moment for me lately, and I'm intent on going with it till it can't any more. My new thing is nothing changes if nothing changes.

  3. I hear you, everyday I think I should blog and then I open my browser and I'm like "I can't say this here"... too much judgement I think...

    Things are good and rough at the same time in my life. Cliff is by God's grace employed again but there is stuff going down at my work that makes me feel VERY unsettled.


  4. Your space your voice! I have been talking about "unspeakable" things lately...and it felt good.

  5. I feel better than I have felt in MONTHS. Am back on my meds. I feel clear-headed. And normal. And just so OK! It's liberating.

  6. ps...send me a mail. OK???

  7. Sounds like me :) wish I could talk about things like I used to... too many people watching now

  8. The joys of a public blog?

    We're good.

  9. As long as you are ok that is all that matters!!! Things so so here but for once in a very long time work is going ok

  10. I have been running these past few weeks. Ugh. I want to blog...but it's just not been a priority. Trying to kickstart myself! I miss it!

    (And I miss you. With me not blogging, it's like I don't even want to turn it on...reminds me of the good stuff I'm missing out on.)


  11. Clearly very behind on blog reading! D's been away since Sunday. Jacks been sick and hasn't been to school. My mom in law couldn't watch them this week (I would whatsapp you the story but its not urgent :-p) so its been me, the nanny on mon and wednesday and these two very whiney babies!


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