Wednesday, September 02, 2015

August was mostly a good reading month

My theory is that I should be reading far more books than I currently do. And I would... if I stopped reading about other people's lives and went to bed about an hour earlier every night.

Nevertheless, just imagine how much less I'd read if I were on Facebook more. :)

This was a good month - I read 6 books, 2 of them non-fiction (my standing goal is 1 non-fiction a month)

From the right...

It is indeed life-changing. I'm writing a series of posts on the Organising Queen blog. Have a read there.

2. My husband next door

This one wasn't my favourite Catherine Alliott - I enjoyed others of hers much more.

3. The Royal We

Oh my word, I was/ am so disappointed in this book. I wrote a ton in my Goodreads review but basically, this book could have been at least 100 pages shorter and then I think if you're a fan of royalty, you may have enjoyed it. 

I really didn't like any of the characters which, as I'm learning fast, is a big thing for me. If you can't make me care about who I'm reading about, what's the point?

4. Sowing the seeds of love

Oh MY! Now this one is a gem. I read it in less than a day. Lovely characters, interesting story, delightful.

And from the library, so FREE!

5. How am I smart?

This one is from my very own bookshelf - yay! At this rate, if I don't  #konmari them all, I'll be reading from my bookshelf til I'm about 50...

This is a great book about the 8 multiple intelligences, one of my little passions. There is a more serious book (very boring) which I read a good 10 - 12 years ago so this wasn't a complete aha, but if I'd never heard of these concepts, I'd give a solid 4 stars.

I'm waiting for D to read so we can analyse the kids and ourselves :)

6. All the single ladies

This one was better the more I got into it. My first book by the author and I will read more!

The gold stars this month go to 1 and 4 and the demerit definitely goes to 3.

Some interesting tidbits:

I made an abandoned shelf in Goodreads prompted by number 3 above that now has a grand total of two books on it (enough of bad books). I finished 3 but I wished all the way through that I was strong enough to abandon it.

And then after reading number 4, I thought, "THIS is what a book should be like. No more of this messing around" so I abandoned another library book I'd started and one on the ipad.

Do you find it easy to abandon books? I'm not talking about putting aside because you are not in the right frame of mind for it, but true "I really am not enjoying this book AT ALL and I kind-of want to stab myself in the eyes if I have to read any more of it..."


  1. Abandoning a book has become easier the more I've done it. And it helps that lately it's just been library books for me, so I don't feel as if I've wasted any money.

    1. That's so true! I have 1 library and 1 Kindle book on the Abandoned shelf, and the library was definitely the easier of the two :)

  2. It's way easier for me these days to abandon a book. Up to a few years ago I would force myself to finish it. But now my thinking is that I will never have the time to read through all the great books - no use wasting time on the not so great ones

    1. D also has no problems. I'm getting there.... I'm finding the "does this spark joy?' question quite enlightening for everything!

  3. August was my worst reading month this year. Still havn't got around to reading the Moriarty books I bought a month ago. But it was a really busy month. I feel guilty abandoning books especially if I bought them. Library books not so much.

    1. That's me too! I really hate wasting money and it's not like with real books where you can just take it to a second hand bookshop. It's on Kindle so it just sits unread forever....

  4. I used to force myself to finish books once I started but three days if I'm not feeling it I leave it and come back to it after a few days and if I'm still not feeling it, I consider it abandoned

    1. I like that double back tip :)

  5. When I had the luxury of time to read freely i used to make myself finish all books I started, I kept giving it a chance to get better... now if it has not grabbed me by the 3rd chapter I ditch it. I have little enough time to read, that I can't be wasting time with bad literature!

    1. Sheesh, that's hectic. D gives it 50 pages, I used to be into a book by 100 pages (my cut-off). There are some beautiful but slow-moving books that I'm glad I didn't abandon too quickly because sometimes my mind is also scattered. A Jojo Moyes comes to mind :)

  6. Oh I find it VERY easy to abandon books. Unless they have been gifted to me. Then I feel bad. Because what if the person asks me about it! Life's too short to read books that don't do it for you. I am buying number 1 on this list this weekend. Am soooo excited! I just know I'm going to love it.


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