Sunday, September 27, 2015

I (almost) can't wait for the end of the year

So you all know I'm doing two main projects this year, besides all the other goals I have that nobody but me is interested in.

1. I take a pic of the kids every Sunday #the52project
2.  I aim to go on 52 walks this year #52walksin2015

I posted a pic of the first 35 walks the other day on Instagram. As you can see, I really like sunsets, trees and skies... and blue nail polish :)

Here is a collage I did of the first 35 pics of #the52project.

I can't wait to see all these pics at the end of the year. Today is week 39 of the year (I have a list in Excel) and these pics are up to week 37 (I missed two weeks if you're counting because I was away from the kids).

I want to make a big collage and put it up in their bedroom, probably in black and white.

isn't it too fun?

Are you still having fun with your 2015 projects? 

If you're fallen off the wagon, get back on. Just get one pic a month even...


  1. Such a beautiful collage of the kids. It woupd be interesting to see how much they change in a year.

    I'm on track thankfully but I still need to weed through and delete the duds and organize the ones I want to include in photo books/print

    Ps: for now I prefer the collage in colour. So vibrant

  2. Oh I love this project of yours. Maybe I should try it with whoever of the kids are interested on the day. It is getting increasingly difficult to get a photo of the 3 together at all.

  3. This was such a great idea. It will look awesome in their bedroom. I also prefer the collage in colour.

  4. Stunning photos are just getting better and better.


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