Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let's talk about cauliflower

Ah, thank you guys for saying hi and sharing in the comments on yesterday's post. If you didn't know, I respond (most times) in the actual comments.

Thank you also on all the great comments on the whatsapp post - I loved reading them. Fun fact - I now moved whatsapp to the last page of my iphone apps. I have to physically see that notification pop up otherwise I literally only see the messages when I want to check on something. :)

I decided to put up a few light/ medium posts to see if that eases me in again, because I do like this little white block of therapy!

Now, cauliflower.

So we all know everyone's doing low carb eating and banting, whole 30, Paleo and whatnot.

I don't even know what the last 3 mean!

But if there's a chance to try something else that will be healthier, I'm all for it.

Like 11 years ago when we visited Australia and stayed with our vegetarian friends for a portion of our visit.

He does the cooking and cooks standard meals the veggie way, like bolognaise with lentils instead of mince.


When I got back home, I incorporated some of what I learnt into our cooking and I'm still adding lentils to my mince for bolognaise so many years later.

So my friend sent me a cauliflower stir-fried rice recipe sometime last year. The idea is that you blitz the cauliflower and treat it as rice when you stirfy your meat and veg, and voila! Low-carb goodness.

Except it was horrible. I powered on through but could not convince the rest, and since stir-fries are a staple around here and I need people to eat it, I never bothered with that again.

(It's on Pinterest as a "fail")

this is a delicious turkey burger at a Thanksgiving event

Then I saw Suzette DIY did some cauli pizza, and somewhere else I saw cauli breadsticks, so I thought I'd give it a bash.

Guys, it was horrible.

For real.

Connor and I powered on through (I read blogs while I ate so I didn't have to think about how horrible the food was), Kendra said "this food makes me want to vomit" and D said, "Marsh, I think we prefer cauliflower the way you normally make it".

Everyone heartily agreed, and I didn't even take offence.

So I guess cauli-whatever is not for this family.

As Amy Poehler says, "good for you, not for me"

Long live cauliflower with cheese sauce :)

Tell me, do you eat cauliflower? How do you like it?


  1. We do cauli-rice sometimes with lentils, peppers, mushrooms and topped with cottage cheese - it works best for us that way. Cauliflower in general tends to be cut up florets mixed in whatever is being made [I'm a cook with whatever feels like it'll fit in the meal cook], occasionally it's in bakes or with cheese sauce.

  2. This has got to be your funniest post!! I'm laughing so hard I have tears running down my eyes my poor K is wondering if mommy is ok!! Between Kendra and D's comments I just can't stop laughing!!

    I don't even like cauliflower normally so to make it into anything to "pretend" as something else will be a hard sell. I can do broccoli but just not it's pale relative

  3. It doesn't appeal to me at all... I'm not even going to try it.

  4. We love roasted cauliflower...the girls beg for it! Cut into florets and wash...put in a bag and toss well with olive oil and garlic...bake on high heat (450) for 20-25 minutes, stirring 1/2-way through. At the end, sprinkle with parmesan and broil for 3-5 minutes. Yum-o!

    But don't force yourself. You've given it the old college try! ;)

  5. We eat loads of it. Just steam it...then add a bit of butter and salt. No sauce or N won't touch it.

    1. Somehow when I make scurry I like it plain with salt and pepper too. Maybe in my mind the curry's sauce is enough?

  6. I managed one of Suzelle's cauliflower pizzas a while back. I loved it, D and the kids said it was okay but wen I suggested making it again, they all went, "Please, NO!"
    So I've just accepted that when we want pizza, it's going to be a cheat meal. Pizza Perfect at Bedford makes a really good gluten free pizza, so that has become our new pizza place. Otherwise, we don't do cauliflower; There are so many other veggies we all prefer: Broccoli, butternut, patty-pans, gem squash, zucchini...

    1. Lol and thanks for the tip 👍


  7. Suzelle is one of my favorite media personalities - I love her - but not enough to try the cauli-pizza. We eat it steamed just as it. We have always tried to get the kids to eat all veggies as close to natural as possible. Many's recipe sounds fantastic - I am so going to try that.

  8. I love cauliflower. But I can’t have a lot of it because it bloats me. I have it once a month or so. I haven’t tried the rice yet but I will at some point. I doubt if my kids will like it. They don’t even want regular cauliflower. I still want to try the pizza base as well. In fact, they sell it at Colcacchio and people rave about it so it’s on my “to-try” list. It seems like a lot of work to make so I am not sure if I will be making it. You must apparently cook the cauliflower then blitz it and then shape it and then put it in the oven first before putting it back in the oven with your topping? No thanks. Too much work. I have done caulimash. I LOVE it. Jazz it up with salt, pepper, parmesan, butter (real stuff, not margarine). It’s delicious. Also. Cauliflower with cheese sauce is my all-time favourite.

    OK. So whole30 refers to eating ONLY whole foods for 30 days. Basically you cut out EVERYTHING that is processed and that has been “interfered” with. So no dairy. Absolutely no sugar. No wheat. No cold meats etc. Only eggs, meat (preferably organic), fish and lots of fruit and vegetables. You are meant to do a whole30 to reset your body and wean yourself off caffeine and sugar etc. And then you decide which eating plan will work for you. Paleo is something similar and is referred to as the Caveman diet. Banting is the one where they like the fat and HATE the carbs. Out of all of these, paleo is my absolute favourite.

    Also. I have no idea who Suzelle is. Is this cause for alarm?

    1. I also have no idea who Suzelle is!!! Google to the rescue

  9. Taking a quick break from the crazy...we have also tried the cauli-craze as I like to call it and yuck yuck yuck. We have a new favorite though. I grill my cauliflower and brocolli with pinch of salt and olive oil till a tint of brown. We have never ate it any other way again.

  10. I love cauliflower and cook it the traditional way...none of those diets makes it into my home :-P

  11. I do the rice - D and I eat it, I haven't even tried to offer it to the kids. I know better.

    We did the pizza bases -they were actually yum but we loaded them with cheese. They are a mission though and you can't pick them up like a normal slice of pizza. So we have't tried again but I do make the mash often!

  12. I tried the rice thing and threw it out before ti even made it to the tabel. I opened the foor processor and it smelt gross. I eat caulifower cooked the way my Mom did it. Florets with potato wedges and peas and a pureed tomato. Ass salt and pepper.


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