Sunday, September 06, 2015

Stretching and doing new things

The last time we were in Ballito before this last holiday I kept thinking that I should do a photo walk outside the building on the actual road, not on the promenade.

And I kept forgetting.

But this last holiday it was actually on my list.

One day I asked the kids if they wanted to join me (they did) and I purposely took only the short lens (50 mm) because I remember flowers.

Well, it was just lovely and now it has to become a thing.

The pics in this post are also from this walk. Enjoy the rest of them!

don't you take a snack with you when you're going for a walk?! :)

The game was that they both had to be seated on these poles by the time a car passed us

AAAAHHHH - golden hour, just a hint of the sun starting to set

my favourite pic of Kendra for July!

Which is your favourite?
Do you like to do new things? (I generally don't but I force myself because I know I enjoy it once I'm doing it)


  1. Love the one of Kendra but also that last silly one of the two. Now I intensely miss Natal and holidays at the sea . These holidays at the in laws are not the same. It has none of the feel of these

    1. You're right - it's away from home but never the same as a proper holiday by yourselves!

  2. Beautiful photos as usual. We are going to Umhlanga later this month and after seeing your lovely photos, I am going to try to go on at least 1 photo walk. I am not good at trying new things. Laziness plays a big part. One of the many reasons I love reading your blog is that it makes me want to do more after seeing your crafts, baking/cooking, photo walks etc.

  3. Next time, walk along the beach towards Thompsons Bay and over those rocks... the kids are big enough to do that.
    Road shots while you're at the beach are not exciting :) I do like their expressions!

  4. I love the black and white photo of Kendra...she is such a beautiful child (so is Connor). I will go on a photo walk with my Nifty Fifty at the end of the month in Plettenberg Bay.

  5. I enjoy doing new things but I also like the comfort of doing what is familiar... Must be the Gemini in me ;-)


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