Monday, September 28, 2015

The holiday... and 3 things I love at the moment

Well, last night D switched on the TV and switched back off about a second before I saw the name "Nancy Meyers" on the screen.

(I love Nancy Meyers movies!)

It was The Holiday.

I tried to resist since I had intentions of doing photos but eventually I dragged my laptop to bed and did photos while watching the movie.

Guys, it was wonderfully decadent and I realised that I really should "chill" more often.

In other news, our holiday is booked and paid for. Finally.

We prayed, I completely avoided the travel websites for about 3 - 4 days (inwardly freaking out - old habits die hard) but then when we sat on Heritage Day evening, it all just worked out. Flights, accommodation, etc. Best of all, we came in way under my upper limit :)

So we'll be spending just over a week in Cape Town after New Year's.


And then I need to book the next holiday early so I don't lose momentum.

Can I tell you about 3 things that are rocking my world?

1. Airbnb

We'll be staying in an airbnb for part of the time in CT. But more than that, just go click on an exotic destination like Paris or Amsterdam, and you'll see tons of lovely spaces. Another  benefit is things don't feel so crazy expensive when you consider an overseas trip.

I happened on a lovely beach apartment in Brighton the other day (I've been reading a Dorothy Koomson and her novels are set in the area) and I just about had to hold myself back from clicking to book!

Anyway, there's a public service announcement. I can't wait to travel with the kids and use this overseas!

2. Uber

For the love, why in the heck has no-one told me about Uber before?!

It is the way to do this client thing, I tell you. I don't know why I ever bothered to drive to Centurion/ Pta before :)

I've used it twice so far - Gautrained to Hatfield and got the Uber to take me to the client, and then back again.

Amazing experience. I exited the Gautrain, and while I walked to the exit, I requested a taxi. When I got outside, I waited about a minute and then the taxi was there.

On my return trip, the man was downstairs before I even got down and out the lift.

I love the way it tells you exactly who is collecting you in which car, and how you get an immediate invoice (as I was walking into the Gautrain station).

So easy to use (even for me) and convenient.

I'm a huge fan!

If you want to try it, you can use my code anytime, and you will get a free trip marciaf201ue.

3. Passbook

This is an app on the iphone. I don't know if you get it on the other phones but it's super cool. I used it for a work trip already and it works perfectly.

When you do online check-in, and you get to the boarding pass printing stage, it asks if you want to add to your Passbook. Say yes and when you get to the airport, you show them your phone. It's like magic - no printing anything. YAY for saving the trees.

My airbnb booking also let me save it to Passbook so all the details are already there. I love technology when it makes my life easy.

So those are 3 things rocking my world :)

Tell me 3 things you love at the moment.

PS This is not a sponsored post at all - you all know I gush when I love something! However, travel is probably one of the things I would most want to promote :)


  1. I am waiting for something good in stead of something bad to rock my world right now - I am sure it will come. It has to!
    I love that you have your holiday booked - it feels to me that we are in holiday limbo indefinetely

    1. I hope you get to have a lovely holiday soon! xxx

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  3. Über doesn't make you a bit uncomfortable? It slightly freaks me out; stranger danger!!
    I'm currently loving:
    1. Having almost an entire day to myself every week!
    2. My ability to be grateful for the things we have.
    3. Finally being able to wear contacts again!!

    1. I was also a bit apprehensive about the whole not knowing the driver but then I used it on a recent trip to CT and it is AMAZING! I am totally into UBER


  4. Glad your holiday is booked. We just got back from a holiday at Umhlanga and its sooooo hard to get back to normal routine. I am currently loving:
    1.The longer brighter evenings. I actually do stuff in the evenings now.
    2.The spring gardens all around and spending time sprucing up my garden.
    3.That silly season is approaching. I love it.

  5. What rocks my world today:
    Being alone

  6. I took a photo of a place I thought you could research for your holiday on the plane last night - now I don't need to send it to you ;-)

    Viva le holiday!



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