Sunday, September 20, 2015

The story of a holiday

I've had 3 headaches over the last week and besides the obvious reason (heat!), I'm sure the search for a holiday is at least partially to blame.

The background:

We went on holiday the minute the schools closed last year and it was.... not the greatest. I just don't like that many people around me when I'm away from Jhb! When you go to the pool and there is nothing to sit on... that kind of thing.
This year D and I decided to work up until Christmas and then take two weeks off work.

And then...

  • My dear K has her heart set on going to CT. I posted a pic on Instagram and someone contacted me to offer me really good accommodation if the dates worked out.
  • And... I got a bonus at work (this is after K prayed to God to "give Mummy more money so we can go on a holiday to CT")

So the more spontaneous among us might think, "yay, money/ good deal on accom" and just go for it, but not me.

The dates only work out for 4 days and spending all that money on flights for 4 days is not worth it.

CT is still super expensive to tack on another 3 - 4 days elsewhere and I feel like there are so many things to do on/ in this house - dampproofing (I got a 2nd quote for R70K - I mean, really, for the love!), carpets/ floors in main living open-plan area and some plumbing issues (not even related to the dampproofing!) that it's irresponsible to go wild.

While I like to imagine that I deserve a holiday, let's face it - life will still go on if we don't go away.

And the truth is I actually LOVE Joburg in Dec because the rest of the people go to the coast like I'm thinking of doing.


What I've done...

I've clicked around the entire Kul.ula website exploring various date and hotel options, and done the same for the air.bnb site.

And the dates are just not working out, anywhere.

Being the type of person I am (not good at letting go/ really determined and stubborn), I am trying so hard to make it work and D eventually said, I think we should pray about it.

So now I'm open to other options, like PE, EL, Knysna even. Ballito is over R1000 more per night than I'm prepared to pay :o

What are you doing about holidays?
Any bright ideas for us?

PS I took these photos in PE when I visited in July.


  1. We're going to Ballito...but we only go after new year. As far as I know it falls into a slightly cheaper bracket although not quite out of season rates. I am really looking forward to it.

  2. We don't go anywhere, but then again we're in CT ;). If we do venture to the beach it is always early in the morning, and we leave about 10/11ish when the crowds pick up. Maybe post New Year in CT? A lot of people leave to go back to work then.

  3. Cape Town is really impossible in December - everywhere is super full - it's crazier than anywhere else. I actually wish for our North KZN camping holidays - miss them

  4. Ai my friend. So sorry it’s not working out the way you had planned. Just yesterday I was at Muizenberg and I pictured you taking pictures of your kids at the colourful beach huts. And I thought we could do Kalk Bay and take the kids to Imhoff Farm for camel rides, just in time for you guys to leave and have dinner with @Se7en!
    What if you go to PE? You could hang out with Lynette and her grandkids. Or go to EL and check out Cintsa Beach for me! Then you also visit Shayne at the farm! Doesn’t look like I will get to Cintsa this year. I am gutted. Lance can’t tell me his work schedule and even though I don’t mind going by myself, I really can’t drive that far. Flights and car hire too expensive for me as well. So. It looks like I might use my family’s house up the West Coast and go there for a few days.

  5. D is adamant we have to go away and I really wouldn't mind staying in Joburg this December. We always go to the same place (because my parents in-law have a house there). It's okay - it's a nice enough house, close enough to the beach, the kids love it and D feels that he can't just relax and unwind if we don't actually go someplace other than home. But I reckon that that is only because we've never done all the stuff there is to do in Joburg... Meh. I don't know why I even think about staying. I'm going to be overruled before I can even get the suggestion out. :(

  6. We are going to my mom and then to the Eastern Cape. I love hiding out at my mom in Montagu - I don't enjoy the crowds at all. We were in CT for 2 days last year and I hated it - driving in traffic, searching for parking, stressing about the kids (even the big ones) on the crowded beach! Uh-uh not for me!!! We are lucky that we have "free" accomodation with my folks.

  7. Plett or PE? Always great altho we always go "off season" cos we still can... Wild coast? Or how about Sun City?

  8. My best trip to CT was in June!!! We once went in dec and I told myself never again. Joburg Is lovely during the holidays (heat aside)

    What about places outside of CT but still in the western cape! We did a garden route trip and it was lovely.

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