Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Update on my word of the year, enough

I realise with huge surprise that I haven't updated on my word, enough, since February.

That's terrible!

Nevertheless, let's get to it.

This was a great word for this year.

I keep thinking I'm done with this word and then I have to deal with a situation and I think, "ah, there's still space for enough" :)


Most of you know about my horrible work situation in 2013-2014 that knocked my confidence quite a bit.

I'm pleased to say that I feel completely and utterly enough at work :)


However, work has been hectic. I did some thinking about this because of something a friend asked me, "is all this crazy work worth it?" And I decided, "yes!" I enjoy the people I work with, the work environment, my clients (mostly), the work is challenging and I'm learning lots.

But I have been teaching people to receive responses from me very, very quickly which meant I was always working without a break.

Now, I do the very best I can do within work hours, and if things are super crazy and I'm going to be travelling which means I won't be able to relax due to huge numbers of unread emails, I will work at night too. But that is totally self-imposed and is for my own peace of mind, not for other people's needs (unless I promised something I couldn't get to do, due to meetings).


Money and finances

It's crass to talk about money but I will say this - with that same work situation, I really could have taken it further. I had plenty of evidence but my God said, "vengeance is mine", and you know what?

He brought such financial blessing into my life. Let's just say He blessed me with more than the salary I "lost" during those 4 months. So I had a free 4-month holiday :)

That company ended up paying for my emotional healing!

Tithing works. I knew this before but you could not ever convince me otherwise.

Too much internet

Well, interesting this one, because I didn't intend to stop blogging daily, and yet I did.

And now I have more time for reading, for D, for the kids, for playing with my other hobbies.

I am more balanced on Instagram. I see it as walking through a room, seeing a few pretty things, talking about them to the ones who pointed them out, and moving on. I'm not obsessing about seeing every little thing from every single person, and that's strangely freeing.


Gosh, I have had some hard lessons this year in letting go.

There's a beautiful turn of phrase I think Momastery uses sometimes, something like "holding something lightly" (someone correct me!).

And that's how I think of it. I'm tending those friendships that I value and that value mine by putting in time and effort, and I'm holding lightly to the rest.

I have heard often that some friendships are for just a season and on this very blog, we've discussed before how some of you have the ability to simply stop being friends. I can't. And I decided that this quality doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing in my life. I can hold lightly instead :)

That said, I have been quieter, more introspective, which is not necessarily a bad thing as I work through all this stuff, but I feel like I'm coming out the other side.

This needs a proper blog post :)


My shouting hasn't stopped completely but I'm super aware of it and I'm working on it. I might have to read unglued again.

Laura also posted recently about Evening Primrose Oil helping with the banshee behaviour. When I mentioned this to D, he said, "WHERE can we get some of that?" so I'm going to give that a try too because the shouting does feel out of control at that time.

One thing I'm also doing is telling a friend every time I shout so that I have someone to talk me down from the "I'm ruining my kids" thing.

So what am I still working on?
  1. Eating not so great
  2. Fitness
  3. Sleep is going great but it's always a war between getting more done and resting :) A lot of you can relate. However, I've been keeping track since the beginning of the year and the strategy of monitoring is really working for me.
Tell me, how is your word of the year working or not working in your life?


  1. I had 2 phrases, and they worked for a bit, went off track and now one is dormant. But that's ok, because other things have been going on, and the "me too" part is working out well-ish.

    Ps. Sent the mail asked for on your other blog.

  2. You are doing so well Marcia! I always think about how you were blessed when you went out full force and "let go and let God". I am finding my word a challenge - the year is tough, I am finding it hard to embrace. But I think I have made strides in doing it this year. Maybe I need another year with it

  3. You are doing proud of you. You really trusted the Lord and He opened the doors for you. My word is moments...and collecting and savouring them...well I do believe we got more out of this year...but if I really think hard...I still get stressed and don't always live in the moment. Working hard at that.

  4. I also have a problem with shouting. (I don't have a word of the year)

  5. You are an inspiration friend. That is all.


  6. My word was working well the first half of the year but the second half has (once again) been about survival so not a whole lot of space for nourishing!


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