Sunday, October 11, 2015

If Christmas is to be, it's up to me

I read this blog post the other day called Blogging for no one, and I liked so many things about it.

The one thing that really made me think is where she says after years of you going with your family to your parents or grandparents' house for events, there comes a time when it switches over and because the parents are too tired/ old/ whatever, you have to make the plans if you want your family to get together.

Oh my word.

This is weird because as we know Christmas is coming up (did I just say that? I was blissfully ignoring Woolies' displays of lovely caramel corn) and I had a flash of something (guilt? God?) in church that maybe we should host.

Oh dear.

I'll let you know how that all pans out.

The twins are 6 now and there's only so long I can use them as an excuse. In fact, they're actually really helpful these days.

Do you do the plans for your family get togethers yet?
Are you hosting Christmas this year? (feel free to ignore me!)


  1. I'm always happy to host because I have a spend Christmas, new year, Easter at home which I've been able to get away with so far. Perks of being far away from family .

  2. I'm not a hostess. It's just not me. I can bring an entire meal to someone else's home, but it never pans out well here. I just hate having people in my house that much. True story! I'll continue to use the excuse of have a small house and big dogs. 😆

  3. We have hosted Christmas at home for quite a few years where we invited all the family that may be alone. It was big, joyful occasions that I am so glad we did. The last two Christmases was at the in laws and due to circumstances it is pretty much as if we are hosting anyway. We in any event do most of the cooking etc. Actually I love it.

  4. We've hosted Christmas a couple of times but I actually prefer that it's just the six of us, without any of the extended family. I guess I'm just in a bit of a funny place about holidays in general right now but I don't feel like having other people in our space.

  5. I love being a hostess and cooking and planning and decorating. I love a full house.

  6. We hosted Thanksgiving last year (my great aunt came for the week and we had our friends over = 10 people in total). It was lovely. I need to get cracking, but I'd love to do it again.

    Christmas is just for us, though. I would be fine if family wanted to come here, but I decided after the girls' first Christmas that we're not traveling for that holiday. That's our little family time, and I love being HOME.

    {{I CANNOT BELIEVE WE'RE TALKING CHRISTMAS!!! With all I've had going on these past 4-5 weeks, I don't really know what month it is...but surely it's not that time!!!}} ;)

  7. There are only 10 Fridays until Christmas! It always comes too fast. We all take turns to host Christmas and by we I mean my Mom, my in laws, my brother and sister in law and us. Often we include the extended family of aunts and uncles and cousins from my side of the family and I love having everyone around. I actually love having people over at our house.


  8. Hmmm... Jumping in after the fact... We have had the same Christmas every year forever (24 years)... since we first got married - it is our tradition, we knew we would have a heap of kids and we needed to set a precedent from the start. I spent my entire childhood schlepping from one family event to another, we never actually spent anytime taking it all in.... we spent more time avoiding inlaws and outlaws and exlaws and making sure everyone was at the right event. So for our kids we defined Christmas Day as entirely ours and ours alone... and we keep Christmas very simple and family focused. We may have a hike, a play on the beach and lots of lazing around... and kids' braaing, and we do often invite folk over who are visiting Cape Town and have nowhere to go on the day. The night before Christmas is for my husband's family - all out roast dinner for my mom-in-law... it is for her entirely and it takes all day and I love that I can give her that. Then boxing day is for my family - they always come over to us and spend the entire day. That day is for them, they never get out (!!!), and we spoil them completely with all sorts of treats that the elderly don't always bother with for themselves, you know - things like fudge (!!!) and we play board games and chat away. They love it and we love serving them that way. It works - though every single year both mothers still ask if they can possibly see us on the day... and we always, every year say it is our family day. but they try, just in case I say yes to the one and not the other - sigh.... the thing is when you get married you have to treat both sets of parents exactly the same - its like they become your children and have to be treated exactly equally or the "unfair" song will be sung out loud and clear across the land!!!

  9. Loved reading all your stories, guys! And Sam, 10 Fridays????!!!!

  10. 10 Fridays! OMW how scary!
    I've been able to get out of it so far LOL! But I know I should probably suggest my house for this year...

  11. I would love to host Christmas. We have hosted many other holidays and celebrations, but never Christmas because we are normally on holiday at the coast. This year we will be in Johannesburg and I hope to host Christmas. Can just imagine how exciting it will be to decorate and set up a Christmas table.

  12. We host Christmas every second year...that way our children spend every second year with their in laws and everyone is happy. I love to have all my chicks and their chicks around my table.

  13. I haven't hosted Christmas in many years and I would love to actually. But for now, its my moms thing and I am ok with that :)

    My mom and I plan the actual holidays - dates and where we are going etc but its not really very formal. We kind of wing it once we are there.


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