Thursday, October 29, 2015

Laura is a genius


So about a month ago, Laura wrote a post about evening primrose oil.

I thought, "hmmm, interesting" but when I mentioned it to D, he immediately perked up and said, "okay, where do we get you some?" like I had hormone issues!!!

We went past Clicks about a week later and I got some vitamins for women with a high % of evening primrose oil.

I haven't taken vitamins for years!

And people, these things have kind-of changed my life. I don't feel as irritable and rant-y, so I'm thinking I now should never even think about not having the EPO vitamins nearby....

Not like the Marie Kondo book or Motherstyles, but still significantly enough. (enough!)

I noticed almost right away because about two weeks later, I'd had a period and I had only shouted at the kids once. Now nearly a month later, I've had only two (mild) freaking out episodes.

It's a miracle.

I've only missed taking the tablets two days which is also a miracle.

So thank you again, Laura - you're a genius!

I'm all Zen and my kids tell me I'm the best Mummy ever!

Have you tried evening primrose oil? Did you notice a difference?


  1. I haven't tried it, haha, but perhaps I should? ;-)

  2. I haven't. I only take medicine if I'm sick. And even then I always ask for injections ;)

  3. I've not taken it before, but this is so worth looking into.

  4. You will not believe it but i also read the post from Laura and remembered I used to take them before the kids. Started taking them about a week and a bot ago and already noticing I am not so tired and irritable.

  5. Hmmm, it makes you less tired? I must try this!!

  6. Haha glad you're all zen now.
    I take so many vitamins now, to try and recoup after Roaccutane... not sure the evening primrose oil would make a difference. Although I suppose it's worth a shot

  7. Those are fantastic more tender breasts either.

  8. I am so glad Marcia :)


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