Monday, October 19, 2015

Murphy and the cops

On Friday I met 3 ex-colleagues for lunch and then I was to drive to an eye appointment near my home.

We'd finished lunch and I pulled out my bag to get my wallet to put in my share and then I gasped!

My wallet wasn't in my bag!

I knew immediately what happened.

When I go to Spanish on a Thursday, I take my wallet and phone from my bag and transfer it to my Spanish bag together with water.

I got back on Thursday and since my phone was in my hand (listening to a podcast on the way back), I forgot to properly empty my bag and that's where the wallet was.

there's the driver's licence - bottom right

This has never happened to me (EVER!) in my life.

So someone paid for me and all was well.

Not really.

Because my wallet also has my driver's licence.

I'd forgotten about this on the way from there to my appointment and of course I was stopped randomly by the cops. I wasn't driving badly - there's an app that tests my driving and I got 5 green stars for that trip.

But as I pulled over, I remembered the missing wallet.

I told the cop I'd forgotten my wallet and the licence is in the wallet.

Well, I just checked the app now to see how long I was stationary, and it was a mere 8 minutes.

Guys, 8 minutes of hell.

I don't know what the procedure is, but the cop kept threatening to slap handcuffs on me and cart me off to jail.

I have a licence, I was not driving badly or speeding or anything (I don't ever speed), I was just not in possession of my little card at the time.

I do know I'm supposed to keep it with me when I'm driving and like I said, this was the first time ever... in 16 years of driving... that I didn't have it.

So yes, I was expecting a fine, fair enough, but not these threats to throw me in jail.

Eventually he let me go.

I was so shaken and the car was parked on an uphill, so when I tried to take off, it cut out, and he shouts at me, "see, you don't even look like you have a licence". Very rude!

Anyway, I drove off, turned the corner, and burst out crying.

I drove straight home, collected my wallet, and was 15 minutes late to my appointment.

Never again. I'm going to be OCD about checking my bag.

But really, what happens if someone just stole your wallet?????

Has something like this ever happened to you?

I think I need to get me a Legalwise policy!


  1. Terrible! I can say that I've been pulled over twice, both times I shouldn't have gotten off so lightly. One officer was afraid of my dog and didn't even stop to see my license! I am terribly afraid I am going to forget my wallet now that I have upgraded to a wristlet instead of my go-to flip wallet.

    So you actually track your driving? With an app? Why?

    1. I'm LOL at Mandy's question about your app. Um, because it's Marcia! And Marcia tracks things! Hahahaha!

  2. That's terrible, Marcia!!! I would call the police station and ask to speak to the chief. You were treated so rudely. There's NO excuse for that. It's not like you were doing anything wrong to be randomly stopped, even. That's just inexcusable in my book. (And I would have cried, too!) Hugs!!!

  3. Sorry about the incidence. One thing I used to do is keep a copy of my license and ID in the glove compartment in the car. Probably not ideal but I've had my wallet stolen in the past and it was a nightmare

    1. I'm curious about this app. Please share I would like to test it to see if I'm really a good a driver as o think I am

  4. The cops are just bullies in uniform these days.

  5. Sounds like someone was looking for a bribe and being a total coward about it too. That's the only reason they would threaten you with arrest and not follow through. Glad you came off relatively unscathed!

  6. I totally agree with MeeA! Boy, I hate that they bullied you. (I also have a copy in my glovebox - not sure if it will help though?)

  7. That sounds totally off. All you get is a fine and that is usually reduced when you produce your drivers license. This guy was a bully and an A**hole...he would never have done that with a man.

  8. this just makes me angry. I am so sorry he treated you like that.

  9. A similar, but different, event happened to my Dh. He was looking at cars in a car lot at around 2am ... I know, a suspicious time to be in a car lot. But he is a McDonald manager and had just got off work from doing the close. So it's 2am, and he had taken a worker home nearby and being full of energy, stopped to look at cars because we were having car problems and he felt he needed a new one.

    Anyway, he's looking at cars, and pulling the handles because that makes the lights come on, and one door opens, and instead of closing the door, he sits down inside and has a good look.

    And the cops came by, and one got really aggressive with him (Dh is like 5' 11" and at the time was still under 150lbs and no real muscle). He puts hand cuffs on him and really threatens to throw the book at him for trying to steal a car ... refusing to walk back to our car and let him get his paperwork. I got a call from the dispatcher about it at like 2:30 or so. I'm freaking out at home.

    Eventually the second cop comes back from checking out his story - our car was right where he said it would be and he found the paperwork in the glove box. Second cop gets the first one to let Dh go ... they had also called the car lots owners ... and they were not going to press charges or anything. He eventually was let to come home.

    The second cop apologized for the first one and told Dh that he was new on the job and was trying to look important. And he was sorry the guy had been rough without a good cause.

    As in any group of people - you've got good ones and bad ones. :/

    Hugs. I'm sure it was terrifying.

    On the other hand ... Dh is also constantly loosing things. His wallet rides in his back pocket. But this Thursday, he sat his Tablet in the seat of the buggy with his Dayplanner ... and then left it when he picked up the Dayplanner. Twice he's lost his Dayplanner - though he's not very good about actually using it properly - and he never found that either time. Miraculously, all 6 times his Tablet has been returned to him. I am "greatly concerned" that one day somebody will take something important from him and we'll be in much hot water.

  10. I drove without my licence for like 4 months this year. Was pulled over twice, I make it quite clear that I am not into giving bribes and openly request my fine or for them to let me go. So far, I haven't had too bad an experience with the cops :) My only scary experience was when Byron was pulled over for being over the limit. He was in no way drunk but yes he was over the limit! That was pretty awful as I sat there wondering if I'd have to bail him out of jail!

  11. Yip it has! I was a student, racing to get to class. I was actually lucky they didn't arrest me. I nearly knocked the cop over, moaned at him for being stupid, then didn't have my license. I did get a fine, which I managed to get reduced claiming student poverty.

    He was indeed looking for a bribe. Sorry thought - it is scary! I was pulled over once, I started crying, the male cop called the female cop who basically told me to shut up and stop trying to get out of it!

  12. Sorry you had to experience this. Some cops treat everyone like criminals. I also panic and get so nervous when pulled over even if I wasn't doing anything wrong.

  13. This happened to me when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Gemma. I was driving with a colleague to a Ches n Yama to collect take aways for the office when I was pulled over. I handed over my (expired) license and the cop asks me "where is your valid one?" I was like "what do you mean" then he's all like "you are driving with an expired license". I was apologetic (really didn't realise it I never check my license) and he was saying how he should arrest me and put me in jail. So I asked him if he would really imprison a woman who was 36 weeks pregnant and he got all aggressive and in my face (he actually stuck his head in my window) about me using my baby to get out of jail. Eventually he let me go with a stern warning but it was totally uncalled for in my opinion.


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