Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Photography with kids, and some of my little dreams

Some of my little dreams are to 1) have a photography workshop and 2) to teach a class/ workshop on doing photography with your kids

Interestingly, normally, I'd just get on with it and do it, but I've tried so many things that have "failed" that I'm feeling very vulnerable these days. If you pray, pray with me about this.

I have been asking God lately why he's given me all these dreams - big and little - of speaking and encouraging and so on, and even though I've persisted so hard and long, I see not much light, you know?

I heard in church the other day that Jesus had a ministry of 3 years and I have probably had 3 good-ish years, so is that it?

The things that go through my mind!

 Anyway, something I LOVE doing with my kids is to go on themed photowalks.

It can make a walk you've done over 50 times interesting when you look for different things.

On my birthday this year, one of my first pastors left me a birthday message on FB and said, "hope you find beautiful things to take photos of today" and I thought YES!

So we went on a pattern photowalk.

this is my neighbour's wall. She is the one with the beautiful bougainvillea at the top of this post. I sneak pics often. Also, I ADORE the colour of this wall. It's slightly greener in person and is GORGEOUS in any light. Almost every day when I get home, I say to myself, "OHHHHH, I adore this wall"
I so adore these themed photowalks. Let me know if you take one with your kids soon.

Which is your favourite pattern?

PS Our friends said to us, "oh, I LOVE your purple wall" and I literally screamed, "NOOOOOO, it's grey!!!!!" LOL


  1. Love the stone wall one! But you know I love textures. I love the themed photo walk idea.

    Marcia - hang on to those dreams. Just maybe the time is not there yet to have them 100% (and not in the past as the 3 year thing implies?)

  2. Never give up on your dreams...amd remember when God gives you a dream...He wants you to rely on Him to achieve it...and you will.
    I love all the patterns and textures in your photos. Theme walks...I like that!

  3. I really like the pattern themed photo walk idea! :)

  4. You know I love themed photo walks! Makes you look for more than just the ordinary!

  5. The door and the cactus! LOVE!

    Also never give up on those dreams - if they came from Him, He will see them to fruition



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