Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pull up a chair

First of all, thank you for all your really nice and supportive comments on the cop post.

Tonight was Spanish again and the first thing I did once I was back home was empty out my bag to retrieve my wallet. Yes. But I seem to have forgotten my Spanish shoes at the studio. Oy! I need to move things back to my old red bag :)

3 weeks left til exams...

Speaking of exams, I registered today for an industry exam I have to take. My goal is to get it before the end of the year so hopefully I pass first time around. I took a sample question paper today and without even having started working through the material, I got 59% (pass mark is 65%) so there's a little something to be said for having experience.

But it's pure competition because two newer guys were talking about suitable dates for their exams and I thought, I cannot let these whippersnappers beat me to it! :)

I have lots more to say about the whippersnappers (there are 3 in the team)... but I need my head in gear to write that post on careers and such.

Did you all read Cassey's post on my blog?

Go read! She's done an excellent job Konmari-ing and I'm so proud of her.

This weekend I plan to Konmari my books. If I can fit everything on one 3-shelf bookshelf, I'll be over the moon!


Speaking of blog readers, I ran into MeeA at a school meeting last night and finally saw her lovely family. It's still quite crazy that there are actual people in my neighbourhood who know me and the kids from the blog.

When I happened to mention to someone at work that 2 committee members would be stepping down, he said, "so are you taking over?" and I said, "actually, I would love to" so let's see, but I do intend to get involved.... eventually.

I had a Brazilian blowwave done about 3 weeks ago. Well, it is not right. Right in the middle of my head is a mess of curls. It's usually like this about 2 weeks before I'm due for the next appointment.

Now who likes to fight with their hairdresser? Certainly not me.

But I couldn't take it anymore. So I had D take pics of the freakishly curly hair and I sent them to her.

She was horrified so at some point I need to pop by so she can "sort me out" as she said. All's well that ends well. Except... when am I to find time to go redo my hair? :o

Tell me some work woes, hair woes, or give yourself a Konmari or any other shout-out.


  1. Hair woes - My roots are grey! Very grey! And there is NO TIME to get to the hairdresser until next weekend because in this week we had drama Eistedfodd, a gala today and Monday is ballet exam. Tomorrow is (at last) the boys' party so no time then....

  2. My hair is very long now (because I do not have the patience to sit quietly at the hairdresser). We have a wedding to got o tomorrow and I have no idea if it is appropriate to wear a sari (in Durban it is normal to wear one to a wedding, not in PTA).
    Work is far too busy and I am blogging right now in my work day because I started at six on site and I am tired now, holding on for the weekend.
    How long does a blow wave take?

  3. I'll just share a quick work woe (although there's much more to be said). Oh, so busy!!! I wrapped up one project late last week. It was hairy at the very end, but ultimately I'm very proud of the result. I'm waiting on the report from a second project, so at least for a few days, I have a break. many other *things* going on! I got pulled into a really different type project to be completed by early January. It's not really in my functional area, more of a project management / coordination challenge. I'm excited for the challenge -- and it's super cool stuff to be working on -- but it's kind of intimidating, as it's way outside of anything I've ever done. (Think video production. Ack!)

    Ultimately, all is really (mostly) good, but it's not slow, for sure. I generally thrive on that...but I don't mind some down time occasionally. Sure hope most everything is put to bed by the holidays!!!

    Glad your hairdresser is going to make things right. But I completely understand the time crunch. I have wanted to get a pedicure for the past two weeks...but when??? Hoping to make it happen on Sunday. Maybe.

  4. Work woe...I can't seem to get ahead.

    Hair woe...grey roots and no time to fix it.

    General woe: NO time, no time, not time ♥♥

  5. This week things were so tight I had to schedule and time our meals! My children had 10 minutes to eat before we were on to the next! I feel like they've gotten so, so busy in the last three weeks. I completely understand your time crunch woes. All my happy beach vibes were gone the day after we returned.

    As for hair woes, the last time I had a proper hair cut was for the ladies first birthday! Do that math!! Cousin just purchased me a trip to hair dresser but finding the time hasn't happened.

    And my work woe, I'm going into work tomorrow! *gasp* First time this month! It's going to be a looooong weekend for me.

  6. Awww, thanks lady.

    Hair woes are such a pain, all the greys everywhere, more noticeable since I got a hair cut, especially in my snazzy new fringe. I have decided though to just let them be. I'm not interested in throwing good money at something just for my vanity. Rather use the vanity money on getting my eyebrows waxed, and getting a blow and iron at the hairdresser. I'm trying very hard to just go with it.

    Fortunately, no work woes beyond the usual of not getting enough, and the daily hassle of working from home with a toddler.

    1. Forgot to add, I've finally figured out what to do with my wedding dress :) My sister is getting married next year, and she will use a piece in the ribbons for her bouquet and I'll keep a piece for K - if he does get married one day, he and his person can find a way to incorporate it.

      How did the books go?

  7. I officially started yesterday. Adjusting to dealing with people on a professional level is a bit of a woe at the moment especially since our regional office lacks organisation! ANYWAY its very early days :)

  8. It was really nice to see all of you, too. We really should make a plan and get together - how hard can it be when we're so close to each other?!

  9. Work woe... well you know ALL about that suffice it to say things are NO better.

    Hair woe... TOO MUCH GREY! Long hair annoying me immensely but no money for a good hair cut and colour

    General woe... it is still TWO weeks until my mom and sister take my kids for the weekend. I love my kids and I am SO SO SO SO grateful for them but help me God I might kill them if this break doesn't happen soon!



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