Tuesday, October 13, 2015

So how was your weekend?

Everyone's blogging about their weekend and I figured Tuesday is about the very latest you could still be talking about a weekend!

I actually had an extremely nice (but some parts weird) weekend.


On Friday night, I sat with blank calendar pages from Handmade Home (Laura, if you don't already use her stuff, you'll love them) for October - December, my iphone and my Outlook calendar, school newsletters and I wrote down every single thing happening over the next 3 months.

It's a royal mess - surprisingly the weekends are all not too bad, but there's a lot going on, and I just felt like if I left things all over the place, something was going to fall through the cracks and either a friend would be sitting somewhere waiting for me while I was home :) or similar.

Free time

Our gym is undergoing a renovation and doesn't have a kids' section so I go to gym, D goes grocery shopping with kids and then they come home, change into swimsuits and he takes them for their lesson (it's literally 2 minutes up the street), and basically they're back from swimming and I'm home, showered.

We had just 3 hours together and then the 3 of them went to watch the cricket. Now I don't like the heat (this is very well documented) and my aim this summer is to avoid heat headaches at all costs.

I lay around reading, then transferred photos to be printed onto a disc, and got those printed at the mall. I also bought pillows! I have a thing about a comfortable bed, and nice stuff because I spend 8 hours a night in that bed and the least I could do is have lovely pillows.

When I got home, I read again and had a snack.

and (here's the weird bit) more free time

Somehow, I fell asleep and woke when the gate opened and I heard D say, "shh, Mummy may be sleeping".

Best: Kendra came to lay with me on the couch - we had the best snuggles!

The kids wanted D to make supper which he did (topic for another blog post) and I went to do my photos while getting the kids bathed and pyjama'd.

Do you celebrate "going out" anniversaries?

D and I had our 23-year anniversary of going out on Sunday. MIL took the kids and car seats at church - they went to lunch, play and then back to our house, and D and I joined them all after lunch and a movie, The Intern. Go see it - it's a Nancy Meyers one - she is the genius behind 3 of my favourites of all time (Something's Gotta Give, It's Complicated and The Holiday).

And then I had compliant children for the Sunday photo, plus K wanted to go for a photo walk.

All round perfect.

So the weird bit is that the kids are suddenly super independent. They always have been good (that's one of our parenting goals - to raise independent kids) at developing new skills, but suddenly it feels like they don't even need me/ us.

They make their beds, dress for school, pack their bags, sometimes make their lunch (another blog post too), one day a week they make their supper, I mean, who are these kids? Really, they feel like they're 10!!!!

But they do still need me to sort out their brother/ sister, and read "difficult" books. And cook proper food! And take them for dates.

So there's that.

Now tell me, how was your weekend? If you already wrote a post, tell me how much free time you're getting these days? Are you using it well?

(I ask because I'm 24 minutes from finishing a book..... and I cannot wait to start blogging about this one too. Have you read all my Konmari posts?)


  1. I love your weekend! Sounds fantastic. And all that independence - great! It will stand them in good stead for grade 1

  2. I typed a long comment which seems to have disappeared! Not fun when typing from a phone. Take 2-

    You know my "love" of temps over 25C. I feel like I'm melting away slowly but surely. Aside from the heat - weekend was good. Ran/walked 21km over 2 days, started going to a new church 3 weeks ago and loving it so far and had some unexpected free time due to our swimming instructor forgetting to tell us no swimming lessons because of school holiday and a planned visit to a friend falling through so I spent the time catching up on TV as I hardly watch any during the week and cooking for the week.

    1. Love the independence. It means mom and dad are doing a great job. K is fiercely independent and I'm
      Not complaining.

      And potty training is going way better than we expected. I should blog about this

    2. Ah, sorry about the lost comment! And yes, I know you hate the heat even more than I do :) What a lovely weekend - just enough productivity but lots of relaxing too.

  3. Oooh I need new pillows and struggle to find good ones... where did you get yours?

  4. (3rd time I'm typing this comment. Seriously!!!)

    We will mark our 20 YEAR dating anniversary in 6 days. Craziness! I don't know if we'll make it out to celebrate...but we should! Happy 23 to you and D!

    And great pic this week of K&C!!!

  5. I have the same problem with heat headaches. I have only been to cricket once with Brett early on in our marriage and I sat in the sun and couldn't handle it. Next time we went as a family in PE I sat far away in the shade!
    We went to Northgate and Brett went to rAge gaming show while I played with Nicky at the arcade - he loves bumper cars.

  6. I had a great weekend too. Got to gym twice, attended a scrapbook class, did some gardening. We also celebrate our going- out anniversary and we celebrate the day we met too. Now, if I just get to cleaning out my cupboards this weekend, it will be the cherry on top.

  7. We came back from our vacation on Saturday...and it wasn't too much fun to unpack :(

    Bianca cooked us a roast on Sunday and we made a point of seeing all our other grandies on Sunday before Kobus Jr and Lache leave for Plett on Monday.

  8. We actually had a great weekend last weekend. D and I had a date day - went to a market, had a very indulgent and VERY delicious dinner! Sunday D went to watch Cam swim and I chilled with the girls at home!


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