Tuesday, October 27, 2015

This is exactly me... in 17 minutes of pictures

Noticed D reading to the kids, grabbed my camera and took a pic. Then I noticed how beautiful the light was in the sunroom, so...

took some pics of crayons (by the way, have you seen these awesome Staedtler crayons at CNA?)
and then I had to go outside. I found this pine cone and had to take a pic against my gorgeous grey walls (I LOVE MY GREY WALLS). They are almost (!) worth what they cost!
oooh, pretty clouds against the sky!
and look at that bougainvillea!
but wait, I remember taking a pic like this on my birthday - let's see if I can get the same one against a spring sky instead of a winter one. Go look at the other pic - it is unedited. That extreme blue is "winter blue" and this light one is "spring/ summer blue"

I had a little visitor outside at one point :)
when we went back in, there was more reading...
and I noticed my sandals looked cute with my skirt :)
the many faces of Kendra
awww, baby girl!
and a brief moment of capturing Connor still!
and then it was biscuit time!
Now all of this took place in just 17 minutes. I knew it was quick but for the purposes of science, I actually went back to check the time of the first one and the last one. 3.29 - 3.46 on an ordinary Saturday afternoon.

17 minutes to stop, notice and capture. It really doesn't take a long time at all.

Tara Whitney wrote a post the other day and she said the thing she's best at is noticing. My heart beat a little faster because I think that's one of my superpowers too - I notice things... pauses in conversation that mean there's something else going on, things left unsaid, things said in a rush because of awkwardness, not intention, and other things too like the way the clouds are extra fluffy today like cauliflower, or the way the grey skies make the angles of buildings just perfect.

Tell me one of your lesser-known superpowers :)


  1. Oh I love your pics and that skirt is beautiful! Those crayons look stunning but honestly I think we have way too much stationary!

    1. We do too, but I did a nice clean-out the other week. I toss out the old stuff regularly. And I will not even buy crayons they don't use. I gave about 6 colouring/ activity books to a school my work supports. My kids only want to do wordsearch/ "free drawing" these days.

  2. I love that, Marcia! Noticing...that's DEFINITELY YOU!!!

    (On a picture note, we sold our formal dining room furniture a few months ago. The light in that room is gorgeous, and we want to make a sitting room out of it. I can't wait to take more pics there!)

    1. Thank you, Mandy, you're always such an encouragement! AAAAH I can't wait to see the pics when it's sorted!

  3. I notice a lot too - well I notice more than David does. He often comments on just how much detail I notice. I am also very aware of peoples actions/expressions and reactions.
    I can also get a lot done in a very short space of time!

    1. You do notice well. You often notice things in my post I'm not even consciously aware of :) Ta da da dum! xx

  4. Super power! Wonder if I have any. But I do notice things too though I won't necessarily comment about it.

    Love the pictures and those crayons stunning

    1. Your super power is being empathetic - you are one of the most caring people I know!


  5. I am also very detailed conscious, I notice every detail and I am also very good at remembering and using people's names



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