Monday, November 23, 2015

A little bit more about me... as it appears my special talents include leaving things out :)

Do you have kids? 
Thankfully, yes. For many years I didn't know if I'd have any. Like my friend used to say, give me a baby (any baby!) and we were blessed with two beautiful children.

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
Definitely. I think I'm a really good friend. A bit firm with opinions (!) but take me or leave me, this is who God made me to be. 

Do you have a guilty pleasure? 
My guilty pleasure is fudge. Oh how I love fudge. And Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate - plain, wholenut or fruit and nut. And Cheese Curls. 

I don't feel very guilty about this but I really like having the budget done. I'm not very into the process but I love that feeling afterwards when I can see God's provision and that I do actually manage my stuff properly.

12 April 2015

Do you like handwriting? 
Oh, I love it! I love writing with beautiful, thick (0.7) gel pens. My favourites used to be these Pilot ones. They are still gorgeous but they now cost R38 each at CNA (which is worth it for something you really want to use) but then I discovered these Pentel ones (only R17 each at Pick and Pay). Mind you, I bought a pack of 5 of the Pilot ones at Staples in NYC for $5 (bargain!!!) and I still have two left - am writing with the second last one now.

The point of all that talk about pens is that the pen makes the handwriting! And I need a nice thick gel pen to enjoy writing.

I've taken pics for the other blog to show you all the current notebooks I'm using - I'll link to it when that post is up.

this pen is a pentel

And there you have it!

What are your guilty pleasures?


  1. See, though you got 2 post out of it instead of 1 :)

    I'm working on not feeling guilty about enjoying what I enjoy. So no guilty pleasures, but yes to enjoying things that others might not understand.

  2. You are a great friend Marcia. And I should have know about the fudge - H also loves Cadburys - and exactly the ones you do

  3. Ha h ha ha ha now the title makes sense! I was wondering until i read the previous post

    Guilty pleasure - yummy home made shortbread and apple crumble

    And I love making lists (vain I think I just love seeing my handwriting on paper)

  4. So with you on the pens. I don't enjoy writing with fine point pens at all! If I'm going to do any handwriting, it's got to be thick gel pens!

  5. I love that you love your handwriting. :) I love mine, too. And I *need* MY pen!!! I'm an ultra-fine person 95% of the time, though. I do like using a thicker pen on Christmas cards, though. They "flow" better, or something...and that just feels right when I'm writing to friends and family. [Wow...didn't expect such deep sentiment to come through this morning...HA!]

  6. My guilty pleasure actually makes me feel guilty...that is adding to my already huge scrap stash. Loved reading this Marcia.

  7. My current guilty pleasure is binge watching all my weekly shows on a Sunday!

  8. My guilty pleasure is a HUGE bowl of vanilla ice cream smothered in milo!

  9. OMG Pilot pens??? I am loving the frixion ones, I have horrible handwriting because I think faster than my hand moves so I always spell things wrong and LOVE these for the erasers! I do have slew of the regular ones too though, because of the colors :)
    I'm going to have to do a photo post of my pens and washi for you soon!


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