Monday, November 30, 2015

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

But first a quick confession...

(I busted out my Plain Truth Christmas CDs a few weeks ago. I had to listen to O Holy Night. One of the sad things is that one cannot listen to O Holy Night all year round otherwise it loses its specialness ;))

So I was at the shops with the kids weeks ago and of course Christmas was up. Connor said, "it's too early for Christmas decorations to be up". I agreed but I told him we'd do ours the last weekend of November.

And we did.

Some of you may remember last year I posted a sweet little Instagram video (set to Michael Buble) of Kendra decorating her little tree.

This year, there was none of that sweetness.

No one was interested on Friday.

Saturday afternoon they got into it a little bit, just enough enthusiasm for their little trees and I was left with everything else.

As a result, I went even more minimalist.

I took out my cute Advent calendar and put it right back again. Not feeling it. Doesn't spark joy. Back in the bag it goes.

What is happening around here?

  • Nativity play
  • (lots of) The Plain Truth and other Christmas music
  • Biscuits
  • Christmas mince pies and tea (matter of fact, I'm about to go have one after I hit publish)
  • Spending time together, vegging, while I read (I like to get a Christmas-themed book to read in December too. There are lots of chick-lit for sale. It's fun and it puts me in the mood for Christmas)
  • The Charlie Brown movie
  • Instagram challenge to stretch my creative muscles
  • Quiet... I want to hear Him loud and clear about next year

Tell me what's happening at your place.

Are you going All Out?


  1. I finished wrapping all the gifts about a month ago and they are stashed at my mom's house. The trees (yes...trees), will go up tonight. We had one, and Steve bought two! I bought little advent calendars at Dischem for the kids...that will go ip too. I think by next weekend we'll start baking cookies and what-not. It's going to be strange working over December when everyone is taking it down a notch, but ih well *shrug* at least I should have great traffick.

    1. Three big trees! You're so organised with your gifts - well done!

  2. Ha ha surprised the kids are not getting In the flow of Christmas. Well our tree never went down but need to put back on the decorations. Going to carols by candle light tonight. Need to get K a present and that's about it

    1. They were just not into doing the decor. They're into Christmas.

  3. I love love love Christmas. I have been decorating for the past month (because I have that much to put up). However, the lights only go on today, when the tree is done tonight. Looking forward to standing outside looking at the house lit up.
    The decorating has worked well, because I strung up lights in the little one's room, and he has moved out of our room into his room, voluntarily. So this is a big thing for us.

  4. You know I love Christmas but this year I am not in the mood at all. However I am trying my best. So we set up the tree last night, the Lego advent calendar was opened the first time this morning. The kids' gifts are bought and I have wrapping paper - and that's about it. This morning was our last prize giving or any school occasion - now its on the way to rest and relax

  5. I have listened to O, Holy Night a few times already. It's incredibly powerful for me, too!

    And I WISH I'd gotten out the decorations this past weekend. We usually do it the first of December...but I should have bent that rule.

    I did decide not to rush and try to get the tree up tonight. I'm thankful for that. We did that last year, and it was not relaxed at all = not fun. :(

    We're starting our Advent calendar today. I have prepped the girls that some of our during-the-week activities will be much less this year (because it was stressful last year to try to cram things in at the end of the day). They seem to understand. Tonight we'll make Monkey Munch, one of their favorite snack recipes. That is super simple, and they'll be thrilled. :)

  6. we also have our tree up :) Nicky saw an advert with a tree and insisted on the tree!

  7. We will get our tree up this soon as I can get my head out of this meh space I am in at the moment.

  8. CALM!!!!! Yesterday Cameron finished school! SO WE ARE DONE! This end of year has knocked us! I am actually already anxious for when the babies get to school and we have 2 more end of years to add to the mix.

    There really isn't much I can do about it either - I can't stop the kids from doing their sports (each one only does one on a club level), I can't not attend prize giving (we were invited to both because they received awards), we can't not attend the end of year swimming dinner etc etc.

    We decorated in November already and Jack absolutely loved it. He had such a great time!


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