Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let's talk bandwidth

Our 10 gb bandwidth package ran out on Tuesday evening.

Normally I get irritated when that happens but this time I thought, "perfect!" because I needed to study anyway and so I decided not to buy a bandwidth booster til after my exam.

As I'm blogging, you've deduced that my exam is over :)  and the world is slightly brighter!

Really, I feel so clever for not having internet for most of two days. I used some of my phone's data but I'm super-stingy with my phone's usage (I use just 1.2 GB a month - that's it!) so I actually studied, for real, old-school like back in the day.

I was thinking yesterday that I would not have been a very good student if I'd had the internet way back when.

How do people do it these days?

Enough of my old-lady ways.

Right, the exam was less frightening than I thought BUT that's not saying anything. The questions are designed to trick you so we'll see. I finished a 2-hour paper in an hour but I forced myself to check every answer again... which took up another 15 minutes.

And then I was out of there!

I may or may not let you know my results in a few weeks' time.

And now I'm reading a fantastic book. This one. 

I'm 60% through in 1.5 days (benefits to not having internet! but it is a fantastic book and her style is so relatable).

I have big plans to finish this tonight so I can start on my Marian Keyes tomorrow. No joke - I've written "Marian Keyes book" like it's an event on my calendar for Saturday. I will be GLUED to my chair.

So what have you been up to the last few days?

I've been COOLER (thank God for rain, seriously!) because just when I thought I'd combust, blessed rain :)


  1. Planning which book when, is genius. I'm in the midst of 5 books...and not getting anywhere with either because I want to read them

    Yay for exams being over.

    1. Just saw that you're reading KA's book. She is lovely. I've been reading her blog for ages, and when she had Scarlette, it was so hard to read, but the person she is just is/was amazing.

  2. I do hope the exam went super well! A is through the hardest week of her exams - I can not wait until they are over. Last weekend of studying

  3. No time for reading, blogging or anything is just work, work and more work down in my neck of the woods.

  4. Hope the exams went well, and you are floating without that hanging over your head. I love to read and will read everything and anything. Currently reading Ken Follet.

  5. Hope the exam went well I'm sure you will ace it. I really don't know how people study when they are glued to their phones. We could do data twins - I use a max of 1.3gb on my phone.

    Enjoying the cooler weather but sad I couldn't exercise as I was getting over the flu

  6. I'm sure you aced the exam



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