Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Lunches, missing children and the heat

On the very boring subject of the heatwave (s), I really thought after that first weekend of headaches, my body adapted. I'd been fine except for the usual hot and bothered for weeks.
And then this weekend happened.

There was a lot of running around on Saturday (too much actually - I had 5 plans) which is not good in the heat, but on Sunday it came to a head. We returned from a lunch out after church where we waited much too long for food (the kids were so cranky), went to the Spar afterwards for a few things and at one point, D said to me, "where's Kendra?"

She'd wandered off... as she does... and so we naturally freaked out.

It would have been very easy for a stranger to lift her up and just walk out of the shop. And she's the type who would be shell-shocked and not scream.

She was shaken and clung to us the rest of the time but no crying.

By the time we got home, I had a throbbing headache so I went straight to my bed.

Three hours later I emerged, feeling somewhat better.

Connor's also lost us for a minute or two before. D found him, pointed me out to him and he came running (isn't there a Jesus Culture song that goes "He comes running"? Okay, yes there is - here you go) to me and just SOBBED! Shame - poor boy.

So again, I am really not a big fan of temperatures in excess of 28 degrees. I'd be really happy at a lovely temperate 26 degrees or cooler.

The kids went for a swim and I didn't even hear all the squealing and screaming while that was happening.

However, the weekend was still a good one - I took GORGEOUS photos of flowers, the ground, leaves and such, and of course, of the kids on our way to the Santa Shoebox drop-off and I can't wait to show you when I get around to editing those.

Have your kids ever got lost in a shop before?


  1. Nicky got lost in a furniture shop before but he was being naughty, running off, so he thought it was all a big joke. But it was awful for me.

  2. Keiden got lost in the library once, he ran away from me. It was horrid.

  3. I am super vigilant with L because he will just wander off.

  4. Once we went for brunch at the local Mugg and Bean after church. Walking out I was keeping an eye on Gemma (who likes to run off) and assumed that my mom or sister were watching Kade. I turned around and he was gone! I nearly had heart failure! Thankfully he was not far away - merely a few metres away and looking at the window of the hardware store but that feeling of having lost him was insane! I never want to feel that way again.


  5. Wow...I am amazed...you have a heat wave and in PE we have been thrown back into winter...Monday it was 10degrees at 4 in the afternoon. Go figure! On top of that if a cloud appears it rains buckets...it looks as if we have received the whole country's rain this year. So glad that your littlies were found and no damage was done.

  6. I can honestly say no, they haven't gotten lost. But from an early age they were always walking with me so I think that plays into it. We do things as fairly as time allows so they are always asking to visit different departments.

  7. Been there, lost a child, in a parking garage of all creepy places... and it wasn't just for a brief moment. It was heart stopping, terrifying and I literally took to my bed for about three days to recover. Of course we are vigilant, of course our kids are with us, of course our kids are trained... and used to walking about in busy cities. But it can still just happen in a flash, you can take a read if you like: http://www.se7en.org.za/2012/05/26/today-is-world-missing-child-day

  8. Yes I have. Funnily enough it was Cameron many years ago in PnP. He often wandered off but after that he stopped with that nonsense. This is one of the reasons I rarely venture out with them all - I have two eyes, two hands - can't physically watch four different directions. If we are out, I talk to them all the time and will call out all the time - even the big ones.

  9. My Megan went missing once. Not in a shop, but from our house. We spent 3 or 4 hours searching frantically (she was supposed to have been in her bed, upstairs!) and got the whole neighbourhood involved before I phoned the police. At this point, she chose to come out and explain that she'd been hiding in the garage (D was working on something in there) and wanted to surprise her dad. I was so relieved we'd found her, I couldn't be angry!

  10. We have only had ours for four years, so early days.


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