Friday, November 13, 2015

What are your plans for the weekend?


This weekend I have "big" plans:
  1. ace my Spanish exam
  2. study lots for my other exam (I'm telling myself it's only X days til it's over because I know a bit too much about this subject than I personally care to :))
  3. read a book
  4. survive the heat
  5. wrap presents for some elderly ladies our church is supporting - I'm doing about 12 presents for the grannies and about 3 - 5 teenage girl ones. I hope I counted properly because I just bought a lot of different things which I will arrange, but I should have some fillers if I run short of some things.
  6. when I'm too tired to study, play with some photos - I need to finish off October
  7.  write down bookmarks from an audio book so I can start blogging it
This is a new favourite from Yardley called Anchor Blue. I think I paid about R30 for it at Clicks bargain bin. I get compliments all the time when I wear this colour.

What are your plans for the weekend?

PS Next weekend this exam will be over and I can blog properly again :) or maybe I should reward myself with a blog post (on this or OrganisingQueen after every two hours?)

What are you looking forward to for the rest of November?


  1. Hope the Spanish exam went well. Aiming to start reading some gender theory again, and finish a fiction book.

  2. Glad to know the exam went so well. This weekend was big study crunch time for A so I helped her by planning her times and checking and testing. I also did 3 weeks of Project Life journalling - which makes me so very happy!

  3. So much to do so little time. Birthday planning and catching up on photo back up

  4. So the weekend is over but I will say what happened. We had a kid free weekend (my mom and sister had them) and went out to dinner with friends on Friday night - got home after midnight, slept LATE on Saturday morning, read my book uninterrupted for TWO hours, watched a movie, went to a housewarming and then had church and a party on Sunday.


    Well done on acing the Spanish exam btw!


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