Monday, December 21, 2015

living space changes

I don't think we've ever done as much to/ in the house as we did this year.

There were two reasons for it.

1. the front pool area was on the list last year and with me leaving my job, it didn't feel responsible to go out and spend a lot of money. This year felt right though.
2. we are not DIYers or fixer-uppers or whatever. We moved into a house that was dirty (by my standards) but completely liveable. I just hate upheaval and basically, once I started my list of projects this year, I just kept going while I had the motivation.

(I still have motivation but I'm saving that for the dampproofing...............and a few small plumbing issues - the boring stuff - which has to happen next year)

  • we painted the outside of the house, walls, pool area, everything. You've seen my divine grey walls in the kids' 52 project photos - 2nd favourite thing.
  • we ripped out the carpets and put in laminate flooring (this is my favourite thing we did)
  • we ripped up two trees (this was the cheapest thing but the most stressful by far - it's because of the guy who did it)
  • we bought a whole new lounge suite, an occasional chair, ottomans and cushions, and a rug (3rd favourite thing!)
  • I gave a lounge suite, fridge, microwave, vacuum cleaner to the gardener 
  • I went through a thorough Konmari of the house which was awesome. I've always loved tossing out things and I really, really love the book. Big picture thinking meets practical steps. I could happily do another session but the main thing is done.
  • I also closed my business nearly two weeks ago (more in a future post) and because I no longer need a private space for coaching, the kids now have their own bedrooms. By the way, there's a closing down sale if you've ever thought of getting one/ some of my products. Use the code CLOSINGDOWN to get 50% off - only valid till Christmas Eve!
  • we bought a little 3-drawer wicker unit for Connor's clothes since all my office-y things are still on the shelves in the study. Amazingly, due to all my Konmari-ing, everything fit!
see floors and rug!

Next year once we're back I really need to tackle that dampproofing and get someone in to do plumbing/ putting up blinds, etc.

And then sort out a little space for me again.

my new temporary space - I need to get blinds in the sunroom before I can work on the laptop there, so I'm in between spaces, both physically and emotionally.
Did you make any changes in your living space this year?


  1. Gosh, you've been super busy. Also yay you!

  2. Thank you, Cassey, I only realised after writing this post why the year was a bit of a blur at times :)

  3. I can't wait to see it in real life! How are the kids liking having their own rooms after sharing one for their whole lives?

    1. It's interesting, Sam - they love having their own space but they decide where to play. And they're very sweet in the mornings - run to each other first (before coming to us) to say good morning :)

  4. We also bought a new lounge suite and the kids got new bunk beds and we got a new bed. We aren't really DIYers either but there is lots to do when you own a house and you do have to sort of stay on top of it!

    1. That's so true. I feel like it costs such a lot to do simple things like paint, and that has to happen every 5 years or so... sometimes earlier if my kids' feet on the walls is anything to go by.

  5. looks lovely and I'm sure it looks even more stunning in Real life! Well done on getting so much done. No big changes this year! But after tackling the kitchen last year I don't want any major work around me!!

  6. Julia said

    You have done soooooo well!
    Sadly. No house changes on this side. We just don't have the money. When I think about how much work we need to do on this house both inside and outside then I feel overwhelmed. I am making lists of the small things that are going to be dirt cheap. And I am going to be doing the Konmarie thing in 2016 so at least the space will be properly decluttered.


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