Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas talk

Connor asked for a specific item and I should have actually just got it for him the next time I saw it.

When I started thinking about it again, I couldn't find it anywhere.

I went to a different mall after work on Tuesday - the mall was packed, I bought lots of clothes for me (I'm taking all but 2 things back tomorrow) but they didn't have the thing.

Today we went to a movie (Snoopy) with the kids at yet another mall, I popped into that CNA and lo and behold, the elusive item was there. The version is not the one I wanted but I bought it anyway. If I find the fancier version, I can always return this more boring one.

Anyway, the point of all that blathering is to say.... this trawling the malls thing is for the birds. All I want to do is listen to O Holy Night and eat mince pies with my tea. For real.

I looked at the people in the shops on Tuesday and no-one actually looked happy to be mindlessly spending all their money. It was such a pleasure when the cashier said something nice to me and we bantered a bit back and forth.

So what's done? 
  • Tree was up last weekend of November but strangely I haven't whizzed around the house taking photos. I only took photos of some "sparkle" for day 1 of December Reflections.
  • We've baked a bit. By the way, where does one buy All Spice? Pick and Pay doesn't have....and I want to try your gingerbread cookies, Se7en.
  • Very few presents are under the tree. My mother brought 3 of them, and I bought the other 3. 
  • We did all the nativity plays/ Christmas carols.
  • Work Secret Santa was B O R I N G. Shall I talk more about it?
I'm working the entire month of December. Don't feel sorry for me - I love it. I come in late, work hard for a couple of hours, then I catch up with my colleagues who want to chat, and then I work on my personal stuff. My budget is done, I took photos of my Amazing Life workbook for the blog and I even bought a digital Project Life kit. And that is in two days.

Also, I'm obviously highly responsive, like an email came in yesterday, I whipped up a spreadsheet to explain, wrote the email and it went out in 10 - 15 minutes. Good for the self-esteem when normally the volume of stuff means it's at least a full day before one can do proper work on an email like that.

I expect to do all my reflective blogging during the day so I can relax and read at night. And I have big plans to tidy up my flash drive and all my work folders. I did my filing (for me this means chucking out tons of paper) the other day because I just could not think with all that paper around me. Arghhh!

I don't actually plan to brave the shops again, except for some grocery shopping this weekend, but that's it.

Are you ready for Christmas?
Are you on holiday yet?

PS I've lost my list with the deep questions. Don't give up though - I will look for it because I love chatting to you about it.


  1. I'm also working through. It's not so bad except that Nicola is super sad about it. I'll make up for it in January...not much I can do about it now.

    We are all systems go for Christmas.

  2. Christmas systems are a go, save for the making food part. Leave is not a thing for work for yourself me, but as from Monday, when I get things finished I'll be on break till the 4th :)

  3. Our tree is up and the kids are sorted gift wise. That's as far as I've got Christmas wise. I will probably buy everything else online. I cannot bear shops at this time of year. I am also working thru (I want to hear about work SS) as well as we go on holiday to Plett in January (our last year that we can do this before we are bound by school terms.


  4. We do everything at the last minute... don't even think about it at all, I am far more concerned with morning walks on the beach... and could think of nothing worse than going to a mall. I am doing one slightly crafty, little thing, with my little guys each day...'tis the season after all... But will only shop the last minute, decorate the last minute, prepare the last minute. I used to do it ages before, but nothing like being nine months pregnant one December to set me straight!!! This is my summer holiday and I intend to take it. I will not spend it shopping or coping with chaos and foofee decorations cluttering all over the house to trip over. I have found if you buy gifts early and wrap them early then... when you see something else later... you buy that too and before you know it you have spent far more than you have or ever intended. just silly. One day is spent shopping... and each kid gets to make another kids a brilliant gift. And All spice... Fruit and Veg is your friend for spices, they have a great spice bar. In the scheme of life cinnamon+ground ginger cookies will be fine too... and give you the taste of Christmas.

  5. It depends on the definition of ready for Christmas. If it means tons of gifts Under the Christmas tree - naaa we are never ready for Christmas around here. No massive Christmas gift shopping. Aside from the crowd in the shops which irks me- Christmas doesn't equate gifts in my books. Christmas lunch prep now we are talking I've decided on the menu and during the week will get the things required.
    I needed to get some stuff from sandton city during the week. I spent 10 mins to find parking and there was a traffic jam to get out. Must have taken more than 20 mins :(

  6. We went to finish off shopping yesterday in Worcester. It was too busy. We grabbed what we needed and high tailed it out of there! I do not enjoy it hey. I need to be more organised before we leave and sort this out during November!

    But we are ready :)


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