Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Glass ceilings and corner offices

So I've been feeling a little strange, career-wise, for a number of reasons:

1. I always used to think I was more ambitious and now it seems I'm not really. The ambition or lack of it doesn't really worry me in my heart, but in my head I feel like I should (!) be more concerned. I'm 14 years away from my early retirement date (55 - I'm working towards this - I can't bear the thought of working til 62 or whatever the normal retirement age is) which is terrifying because I was at previous company for 9 years and those years just flew past.

I don't plan to properly retire - sit at home watching TV and travelling - or whatever it is retired people do. I do have some skills and to be honest, despite me closing my business for now, I still have that vision of me going round speaking to large groups of people from the stage. But retire from formal employment at a company, is what I mean.

can you spot the mistake in the picture?

A guy resigned and left the division in the middle of the year. I asked him how long he'd been working there. Exactly two years, he said, because that was the plan. And so I thought, "gosh, do all these people have a plan?"

One in my team is doing her MBA next year and the next. I have zero interest in this kind of thing. Zero.

So I thought about it and I realise I don't have a plan.

I've been at this company 16 months now and at first, my goal was to just see if it was for me, and then to survive the traffic, and now 2 years will be the next milestone.

What's next after that?

I don't know.

I'm good at almost every aspect of this job (cold-calling for New Bus is never going to be my thing, but organically growing existing business, yes. Analysing new business, yes) and yet, how long can you take clients' nonsense?! I'm becoming stroppier as I age!

2. I feel like the young 'uns are nipping at my heels. In my dept there are 6 of us plus the boss. I am the oldest. The boss is 10 years younger than I am. The youngest is 28, then we have 29, 30, 38, 38 and me, 41.

I'm trying not to moan but two of the young ones irritate me so much it's unreal. I really sound old when I say this but a lot of young people these days have zero work ethic. I want to slap them down in their chairs and tell them to work.

We are all called the same thing but I'm apparently a Snr so and so. I have more leave days and such.... 

I usually have no ageist issues but then again at previous company, we were 11 at one point and I was the 4th youngest. However, in that horrible position, I was again the oldest. One was 1 year younger, and there were some as young as 27 when I was 39.

So these two things combined means I'm starting to feel my age at work.

This year my prayer is that first of all, I rope in those 2 big deals I've been working on, and then that we sell tons!!! And then that God shows me the next direction (s) for me. And gives me big increases and bonuses :)

What are you hoping for, work-wise, in 2016?
If you know me, please tell me what you think of my situation. 


  1. I hear you on the thinking you were ambitious, but realising you're not actually. Which is actually ok, we can't all be the big boss. Mostly, it's important to figure out what works for you, and what you want from it. I figure knowing you want the early retirement is probably going to be your big driver. Maybe focus on that?

    My work thing currently is all about flexibility. And the 6 year get my PhD plan - then use it to help us get to Nl.

  2. I know how you feel because I didn't think this is where I would be at this time in my career but I've learnt to accept that it is what it is and make the best of the situation .

    I pray your wishes come to pass for 2016z
    My hope and prayer for 2016 work wise is to succeed in my new role

  3. OMW, you sound like me.
    This is the way I'm talking in my head right now.
    I need a new direction

  4. I used to be very driven like that, and then things changed when I became a mother. Other things in life are more important. This does not mean I do not love my work and challenge myself, but it is for me, and at five in the afternoon, I can turn it off.
    I did start to think maybe I need something more, so I volunteered to help out the students and nurture other careers. I am a good teacher.

  5. You know I totally get this! TOTALLY! I've got some "work" dreams that I hope to make a proper reality in the next 3 years but other than that I am happy where I am - they are flexible when my kids need me and I am able to get in later and it works for us right now. But do I want to be a big kahooona? Nope. Not ever again.

  6. SOOO! I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I am not ambitious (in the corporate world), I have always known this. I have no desire to climb the corporate ladder at all, ever! I do have great ambitions for my blogging goals though because it is something I am deeply passionate about.

    I actually think I am a little bit of a hippie (this is what my thinking has led to). I want to do something I love doing - which I am doing at the moment. The money isn't great but I don't mind being back at work while D is on leave still. I don't dread every day. THIS is what I want.
    David has a friend who is extremely ambitious and she is doing well. I do not want her life. I do not want the status she has or the money but she is happy. So I will leave her to help run the economy while I have babies and make people thin :)

    1. hey hippie girl, love that title :)


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