Thursday, December 10, 2015

Grade R graduation - 10 reflections of our year

My word, it felt like a long time since I'd blogged and yes, 6 days!

The weekends go so quickly these days and I can't even say we're that busy.

So my kids graduated Grade R yesterday officially although the ceremony was last week.

It was the cutest thing EVER. Picture 50-odd little kids in their gowns, and two of them mine.

Connor pretended not to see us. Afterwards I found that they were told to focus on what they had to do, and not on looking for the parents.

Kendra doesn't care about rules so she waved furiously and even lunged in for a quick hug when they left the hall.

CUTE. All of them.

Too darn adorable.

So here are the things I want to say about Grade R:

  1. It has been the best year ever for the kids.
  2. They have learnt so much, and grown, and I'm so impressed with them, and then I get a slight shock when I realise they're mine! 
  3. Their teachers have been wonderful - exactly what Connor has needed this year after his two hard years at the pre-school. They have nurtured him, seen him for who he is (the teacher told me he is actually the brightest child in the class) and helped him along. He is a questioner which I love, but that's not always welcomed in school....
  4. He had a little wobble with bad behaviour. Many reasons but he also is friends with a boy who is a bit rough. I'm not ashamed to say I told him I'd give him money if he behaved for the rest of the term. And he has done it (he is a boy who loves a goal - I can't think where he gets that from?), so we have a date this weekend.
  5. Kendra is an obliger (a la Gretchen Rubin) so she is the perfect "good girl" who will always thrive in the school system. All teachers love her, she works well, is helpful, etc.
  6. They had amazing reports and both got principal's awards again (they've both had every term). I say that not to brag, but it's interesting because D and I are so blase about stuff like that, so much so that the first term I asked the teacher if they just hand them out, and she set me straight. They only get given out to exceptional students. Okay then. I'd still like more listening happening at home :)
  7. They settled into their routines well, didn't lose a single item of school clothes (well Kendra did for a day and I freaked because that is what I do when you lose something that cost me R335, and the next day she had her jacket again) and only lost one small container I use to put raisins in. SUCCESS!
  8. The only little snag I have about this year is that I didn't make friends with any parents. I have three parents I email if I have questions. One is friendly enough when we see them but it's clear there's no friendship business going on, one is lovely and I want to befriend properly but she is too busy, and one we have been to their house but they are always busy/ away/ at parties when we offer. I'm not great at taking hints (HA! understatement of the year) so I will try again and then just call it a day.
  9. I've loved making lunches and doing homework with the kids. I knew it wouldn't be an issue, but am surprised that I loved it.
  10. We also had a healthy school year - I think K & C went to the doctor only once this year. They each only had 1 day absent the whole year, and 1 day late each. They are completely not concerned with being late (!!!!). Suggestions? 
Anyway, that's me.

How was your child's year at school/ pre-school?

I'm blogging from work (reward for working on two legal agreements) so no pictures - let's call it "old-school blogging".


  1. If no pictures is old school blogging, then I'm so old school :p

    Yay for a great year for C & K :) I can talk school year next year this time 0_o

    1. Completely old school. Check my blog pre-2011 - you'll hardly find a picture :)

  2. Nicola has had a good year too, despite it being a massive year for change in her life. New school, new teacher (last one she had for 3 years), new friends (her bestie didn't get in), new house, new cousin to share grandparents with, new family...lots of new for a girl who doesn't like change. I'm very proud of how well she's adapted to it all, even though some of it was done kicking and screaming and complaining.

    1. WOW, Louisa, I knew there were changes, but when you lay them out like this, it looks like such a lot. She has done amazingly well!

  3. I was wondering why there wasn't any pictures ....

    Sounds like the kids had a fabulous year! A real blessing after C's experience.

    1. I'm sure if I stopped blogging with pictures, I'd actually get more blogging done :)

  4. Well done to your two amazing kids!

    Kade's had a good year, he has really blossomed in his "blue" class and I can see how far he's come in terms of being more independent.


  5. We had a good year - all 3 at school had a really great year actually.


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