Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lazy weekend days and word of the year

I haven't done one of these weekend posts for a long time.

here's what life looks like for us some weekends.

I never cook "Sunday lunch". It's always rolls with a salad. Years ago our one pastor told me that they always had ham rolls for lunch because between morning church and evening church they wanted to eat and rest, not be in the kitchen. I grabbed that idea, obviously.

On this day I took their lunch outside on trays to be fancy :)

waiting for the kids so taking window selfies

I love this green nail polish... and this necklace. I bought it a good few years ago (maybe 3 years now), had it shipped to Mandy, and she posted it to me with a few other goodies. I probably need to do something like that again soon.

The necklace has 4 things God thinks of us, one on each side - chosen, celebrated, created and cherished. Isn't that nice?


These are blocks from when the kids were babies (real babies). They still use them!

So have you started thinking about your word of the year for next year?

If you chose a word of the year for 2015, I'm looking for about 3 - 5 people. I want to send you questions to ask you how your word worked for you, etc, etc. and then feature you on the blog.

My word enough has been a difficult but a great word for me. I will have to devote an entire navel-gazing post to it soon.


  1. Great lunch idea. No word for 2016 thoughts happening yet. I'm not to sure how my 2015 word/phrases went - it seems I require some navel gazing too.

    Love the necklace, the green nail polish and that blocks are still being played with. Count me in for the questions if needed.

  2. I remember Saturday's as being our ham/cheese roll lunch days as a kid growing up, because it was the day we used to do the weekly shopping with my mom and we would eat up our roll's while she packed away the shopping (before we got big enough for that job to become ours)


  3. I thought about this this morning actually when I did my post! I haven't given it any thought at all!


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