Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Let's talk money - budgeting for house upkeep

the wall looks navy sometimes at certain times of the day - this was taken during winter

Laura raised a good point on my previous post...

there is lots to do when you own a house and you do have to sort of stay on top of it

So true.

Of the stuff we did on the house this year, the painting outside was by far the most expensive (I don't even want to look at the spreadsheet but I'll do it for you...) - 45% of the total spend of all the home improvements went on painting - actual paint/ supplies and the painter

this is the same colour but on another section that gets a lot of sun
At the time this stressed me and annoyed me tremendously because this is how I think:

Everyone who lives in a house has to do these things every 5 years so what do normal people do?

(I don't classify us as normal because we put these things out of our mind as much as possible)

Do normal people save up for boring things like painting? Because it is a LOT of money.
or do they just cram it all into the one year and get on with it?

This is a serious question.

I guess you'd say we saved since we really don't think about these things til they're upon us and then it's like I can't BEAR looking at whatever any longer

testing out paint the way, what do you do with your tester pots?
 What do you do?


  1. Thankfully our outside wall is brick so low maintenance. The gate and the pavement do need to get a lick of pain every few years. Goodness me I can't even remember when we last did it. Don't know what magic paint was used inside the house but in the 10 years we've been living in our home, only painting we've done is kitchen and lounge - the only two rooms we painted when we moved in.

    What I want to tackle is - create a direct access from garage to the house, the garden and make a decision on the humongous tree which is outside the fence (sadly) and is on the boundary with our neighbor

  2. We do all our house maintenance ourselves..we re-tiled our entire house (inside and outside), replaced all our windows with aluminium...Built new walls,...put in new bath, basin, toilets and showers...painted inside and outside,...revamped our pool. To say I am exhausted is an understatement. But on the bright side we have saved ourselves thousands of rands. We basically buy stuff monthly for things planned until we have a complete task.

  3. We do as much of it ourselves. Lance paints and patches the cracks etc. My helper must do things like wash walls etc. Our gardener does outside things. We hire that machine and clean our own roof. There is planning involved but it's just a lot cheaper (although more painful) to DIY. Labour in SA is VERY expensive, so if we need to pay professionals, then we do our own sourcing and purchasing of raw materials.


  4. You know I am DIY all the way! I don't necessarily save for these things as they're generally not that expensive. Painting a room is roughly $45. My gripe is that they only sell by the gallons, so I often keep the same color until the paint turns since I don't want to waste half a can or better. I touch up the paint regular thanks to the dogs, but a full color change requires me to become disgusted with the walls too.

    Also, you wash your roof? Never have I ever heard of such a thing!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. We don't save. We kind of make a plan as it needs to be done but usually only when it HAS to get done. My dad is so good at this though. He does it regularly. I think he may have a maintenance savings account though - he is that organised!

  6. We wait until bonuses etc to do the household stuff. We had to have our thatch brushed and re stacked and we used the left over money from Cliff's separation agreement. We just make a plan mostly but we really should start a little fund for these kinds of things.



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