Monday, December 28, 2015

Scenes from Christmas

I've been a machine with the photos this week. I only have to edit today's pics (Sunday) and then I can finalise my photo projects, etc.

 I mean, who am I? I'm so used to being 6 weeks behind!

Anyway, I spent a few good hours analysing our spending/ financials, etc. this evening. Much more fun than you're thinking, because lack of clarity is decidedly not fun for me.

More on that in a few days...

I bought two strands of these beads - one went around my tree and then I had to leave for work or something, so I just tossed it on the table, and later I decided I actually really like it like this. Makes me feel all Nester-ish (you all read The Nester, right?)
hello beautiful light
cola tonic and ginger ale - try it, you'll love it. everyone drinks this with lemonade, much better with ginger ale.
post-lunch ;)
after the presents
beautiful light provided by these gorgeous overcast skies
and us!
How was your Christmas? 

I'm never completely wild about Christmas Day itself because I can't feel Jesus in all the nonsense.

But this one was a good one - I stayed off the social media and as the Bible says, God saw that it was good :)


  1. Christmas was good! We always keep it simple and this year was no exception. Had my cousin and his wife over for a late lunch. Church and minimal cooking. We don't go crazy with gifts. Who am I kidding, we rarely do gifts at Christmas because.. we don't have to wait till Christmas to exchange gifts :)

  2. My mother hosted Christmas day at our house this year and she always goes totally overboard! But it was a lovely day and we all had fun, we ate, we swam, we celebrated Jesus. A good day overall.



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