Monday, December 28, 2015

Talking to Cassey about her word of the year for 2015

my 2014 word
I had this bright idea to ask a few friends these questions and only one was able to respond, so here we go. Thanks Cassey.

1.       What was your word for 2015 and why did you choose it?

I had 2 phrases, not words. I had me too, and stick to it. I chose those because of the realisation that I was putting myself on the back burner. And I have great difficulties sticking to things that should be easy, but aren't.

2.       How did your word play out for you this year?

In some ways well; in others not. I didn't stick to the yoga or ukulele. But I am currently sticking to my plan to blog everyday for a year - I started that in November. I did manage to take moments for myself, so that's something.
3.       What were the good things that happened as a result of choosing your word?

Getting my depression diagnosis, and doing something about it

4.       What did you not anticipate?/ Where do you think you could have incorporated it into your life more?

Depression. It got in the way of so much. But now, I'm more me again so it goes.

5.       Do you already have your word for next year?

I'm very, very seriously considering: say yes to what scares you.


OOH, I love Cassey's phrase for next year. Will certainly be interesting.

What I really love is how she chooses phrases.

I've never done this  - I take the word of the year perhaps too literally.

So who wants to let us know in the comments how their 2015 word of the year went?

PS I will write my own (much longer) post this week. I already outlined it in the blue book so I only have to sit and write it out properly.


  1. I don't do words of the year; I prefer to live the year as it comes and address things as they arise. But I like that Cassey picks concepts that she knows she needs to work on and consciously does that through the year. In my experience of her, she's an incredibly mindful person who remembers and considers what people have shared with her, in her dealings with them.

    1. You're making me so shy 0_o

  2. I like the mindful phrase idea a lot! Loved this review!


  3. Phrases are just easier for me, they have what I need to get out of it. Thanks for having me :)

    1. It's a pleasure, dear Cassey! Thanks for sparking conversation :) Now, go read Julia's on the Organising Queen blog.

  4. I've never been able to choose a word for the year - Because I think my year is hinged on more than one word but this year I'm actually leaning towards One because as you know 2015 kicked my b*tt big time (you probably know the one or two incidents) and I have to hold on to the promises of His words


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