Friday, January 01, 2016

11 most popular Friendship Friday posts of all time

Hey! Happy New Year!

Let's have a great year together of nurturing and nourishing relationships, and strong boundaries in place where all parties feel equally supported and loved :)

Thank you for your blog and real life friendships in 2015.


I've been playing around with the Blogger stats and thought I'd share a few fun facts:

I've written 113 (including this one) posts on friendship (that could be a book!) with the first one on 30 May 2010.

The most commented on post is this one -Do you find it more difficult to make friends the older you get?

But now, onto the top 11. Just like the awards ceremonies, I've started with number 11 and finish with the most popular post of all.

When blog friends become IRL friends - part 1

Do you need more friends?

Spontaneity in friendship

How easily do you let go?

The Se7en plus 1 edition

How easily do you put yourself out there?

The most unsatisfying social ever

When your friends do better than you do

Do you ever feel rejected on Facebook?

Of friendship

Have you been dumped by a friend before (I've been dumped by more friends since I wrote this post)

Do you have a favourite?
Is there any topic you would like me to write about?


  1. Oh my, yea that could be a book!!!! And favorite or at least one of my favourites have when blog friends become IRL friends.... Because it truly is the story of making friends for me in the last few years.

    Ps: I can't believe anyone dumped you as a friend. Their loss as we can have more of you (selfish me)

    1. You are very, very sweet to say this! xx

  2. That's whole lot of Friendship right there :)

    I have been doing a LOT of thinking about friends and friendships of late and honestly I think that whole "reason, season, lifetime" thing is so appropro with regards to friendship. I think the issue is that too often I hang onto the reason and season friends and end up neglecting the lifetime ones which in turn ends up with them dumping me.

    PS - I am SO glad you are MY friend

    1. wow, that's some deep thoughts right there. I hang on too much too.

      This year I'm definitely investing more time in my friends like you who invest back in me. XXX (we are doing that weekend away!)


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