Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Let's talk health and fitness

So I was doing the Financial Analysis (that's how I think of it - in caps) for 2015 the other day. Part of my process is to see which categories I spend the most money in, etc.

Anyway, we've only spent R1510 on medical for the kids this year. R1200 for the two six-year-old injections and R310 for Kendra who was a bit fluey during winter.

And I paid R1200 for the gynae because by the time I go, the MSA is all done. 

So big picture, this has been a great year, health-wise. Which is awesome.

Everything was fine at all the health professionals - gynae, dentist, optom. Oh, and my bone density is super excellent, which is nice to hear.

2 130 201 - the number of steps I walked last year (average 5836 per day) I'm a little disappointed by this number because I know, know, KNOW it would have been higher (my goal was at least 6000 steps per day) if not for the horrible heat since Sept. As it is, if not for those 9 days of slightly cooler weather in November, and the 2 days in December, I wouldn't have reached my 52 walks in 2015 goal.

0.4 kg - I am that much heavier than I was at this time last year.... and have joined Weigh-Less again. But basically I'm horrified.

55 - the number of walks I ended up going on

46 - times I worked out at the gym

50-something - times I had Spanish classes and/ or practised at home in prep for exams

7:03 The average amount of sleep I've had per night tracked over the entire year. This was an interesting stat - I average around 6.5 hours during the work week and over 8 on the weekend, and somehow it comes out at 7:03. I'm still aiming for 7 hr 30 but I suspect this is where my body wants to set itself.

This year I want to lose weight, strengthen my core (I need to add another gym class into the mix somewhere), sleep a little bit more and stress less.

How was your health and fitness last year? Any health goals?


  1. My health and fitness started off so well - I was at my ideal weight and I was running consistently and strong. Then I got sick, injured and slowly gained 8kgs! I am HORRIFIED at the weight gain - it has crept on so insidiously that I can't quite get over it. I am also so far backtracked in terms of my running but it is not stopping me!

    I am starting again slowly, and will tackle the added weight once we get back from Plett in FULL FORCE!


    1. That's what i'm planning to do too, Sam. I told the Weigh-less lady my goal is to not gain MORE over our holiday, but I'm tackling it proper the rest of January. So I only eat one mince pie instead of three, you know? :)

  2. I want to, actually I need to lose 20kg. My weight on my small build, and lack of height is horrid. Better with food and exercise is how to get there.

    1. I have 7.2 to go! Last year this time it was 6.8! I got about 3 kg off and then it all went back on.

  3. Love your stats :)
    I've also picked up weight... it was all those months on that horrid medicine

  4. Yay!! And thank God for good health. Isn't the six month immunization provided by the govt so we get it at a reduced rate?
    For a household with a toddler we didn't fare too badly health wise. we only ran out of savings in December because hubby had major dental work mid year which took more than half of our MSA! And I might need some major dental work this year... :(

    This tickles my fancy. Love stats. I should do something similar.

    Aside from the usual lose weight (which i have my head buried in the sand for) goal, I want to aim to eat better. Maybe run/jog faster if my knees permit. I have to admit having the Fitbit made me push myself. My goal was 10k a steps and I aimed to surpass this most days. Sundays were typically my lazy least step days. I did a quick check and I did over 4million steps in the 45 weeks I had the Fitbit last year. My friends set up a Fitbit challenge group and this helped push me (I'm more competitive than I realise) plus I liked getting all the bonus vitality fitness points

    1. I've got a grand total of two smoothies with Vitality. Both I think were flukes :)

  5. I had a good year :) I could have exercised a bit more but now that I have a routine with work I will get back into it

    1. You are an inspiration with the weight loss!


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