Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Year's Day, favourite drinks and weighing less

It's about time I started blogging about the new year.

The kids slept at Granny's house and we went over for lunch, and to fetch them.

They were running through the sprinklers to cool off, and then used towels to make themselves costumes.

 This is me coming outside and seeing someone (Kendra, I think?) with my camera!

I thought for a minute that this pic was in the wrong folder because surely the light wasn't that amazing after we arrived home.

Yes it was - this photo was taken at 6.16. CT folks won't know what I'm on about but for the light to still be that amazing this late... it's high summer here!

Also, I love my mason jar glasses. If you want some, Mr P Home has them for about R130? in a set of 6. My favourite drink at the moment is cold water with a squeeze of lemon juice from the bottle. My kids are into this too, so much that we're buying a 500 ml of lemon juice every two weeks :o

What's your favourite non-alcoholic drink at the moment?

And then on the matter of goals, my four main focus areas this year are God, relationships, health and fitness, and my word of the year, joy.

I go into it all a lot more here.

But on that health and fitness bit, I joined Weigh-Less on 2 Jan, went on holiday (!) and have gone back every week since. My goal is to lose 1 kg this month while holidaying and getting back onto the eating plan.

I am going to have to be VERRRRY good for the next two days because the first half of the week was a bit hit and miss.

What are you doing differently for your health this year?


  1. If I ever recover from this darn post nasal infection I picked up on holiday I will be back to running every 2nd day and will offcially start training for a marathon!


  2. More walking, and I've gone vegetarian.

  3. HA. Gosh yes, it's 17:50 and our sunset is 2.5 hours away! My current favourite non-alcoholic beverage is Lipton Rooibos Iced Tea. LOVE it. And water of course. I am trying to get my head right. And I'm starting with small changes. I've signed up for exercise as well and I'm looking out for an affordable swimming coach. I have these visions of sea swim competitions!

    ps....I LOVE ALL THE PICS in this post!

  4. such stunning pictures. I especially love the one of you. For my health - eat less junk. I'm
    Eating too much chocolate!!! And maybe run faster (if my knee permits)

    I still love to drink my water with loads of ice and the occasional dry lemon

  5. So did you loose the kg?

    My Typo factory shop has those jars - I am holding out for them to be marked down more (the longer they are in there the cheaper they get).

    I need to get more active this year. Managed gym twice a week for the past 2 weeks which is a good start!

    1. Yes! I lost 0.2 kg over the holiday, 0.4 the next week and 0.6 this week.

  6. My favourite drink is apple juice with ice or still water with ice. Just so hot at the moment that the idea of hot drinks are not attractive at all.

  7. I started making iced tea over the December holidays - I make about 1 litre of rooibos, a dash of honey and about 500 ml of juice. Delicious !

  8. I do love these photos! xxx


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