Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Well, that was our Cape Town holiday!


Friends, I posted about the kids being 6 and a half, and fully planned (in my head) to continue blogging but then we hit Cape Town, and we were on the go for the entire 4 days.

Coffee/ Suppers out/ plans with friends/ faffing (as we do)

We only stopped moving at about 6:45 on Monday when we got home. I insisted we stay home and I cooked to minimise more driving around and eating out.

So let's do the highlights package, and a few more posts may follow.

My word of the year is joy, and I'm absolutely only doing what brings me joy this year. If I don't feel like blogging, well, I won't. For my friends, you'll have to email or phone me to find out if I'm alive :)

Anyway, the very late setting of the sun was one of the best things about Cape Town, and on the flip side, a little bad too.

I tend toward night owl behaviour so I only start thinking about supper when either a child (Connor) said, "what's for supper?" or golden hour happened.

So my nights were VERRRRRY late.

We spent our first four nights in Pringle Bay. And actually, if not for friends in Cape Town, I could have spent a month there. For real.

We lived in a beautiful house with a view overlooking the Bay. The house was stunning and I still miss that kitchen. It was a dream to cook in. We went out to eat one night and the rest of the time I happily cooked.

And for some strange reason (because that has never ever happened before), I woke early - first! - every morning, and took my water/ tea outside to read/ do goals overlooking the bay.

I had a good hour - and three hours the first day - by myself every morning. Divine! And then I could be a nice, calm mother when the kids woke.

So from all that eating, reading, relaxing, beach walking, photo-taking and so on, we went through to Cape Town for exactly the opposite.

I saw friends every day except the last day and it was great.

Julia asked me after 1.5 days if I wanted to cancel or postpone our plans and I said, NO! This will bring me joy. And it did.

I normally don't prefer to go at such a hectic pace but I'm aware that Cape Town is such an expensive holiday, and who knows when I'll see my friends again.

In Cape Town proper, we (kids and D) went lunching with Cathy, swimming with Julia, out for supper, Kalk Bay, visiting with the Se7en +1 gang, church at Hillsong, lunch with friends, a Bo-Kaap walking tour with Julia, out for supper with Julia and Leandra, on a red city sightseeing bus just us, and then home for packing and eating, and back to Jhb.

Crazy, hey?

So Cape Town was people-great, and Pringle Bay was relaxing-great.

this is the one I posted on Instagram

But there's no place like home, and I'm thrilled to be back. For one, I'm a lot cooler and you know how much that brings me joy!

Which type of holiday is more your style - a relaxing Pringle Bay-type one, or the doing and seeing and eating Cape Town one?

PS the Pringle Bay place was only available for 4 days otherwise we would have stayed about a week.


  1. Oh I am so thrilled that you came to Cape Town... it was so generous of you to visit our city - because we loved loved loved meeting your whole gang!!! Lots of love to you all!!!

    1. Time with your guys was one of our favourite things to do. xx

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing holiday!

    1. Most of it, yes. But amazing and some bits not so nice can exist very comfortably together :)

  3. Sounds like you had the perfect mix for your holiday. Next time I vote you stay at Strand, then we can come say hi ;)

  4. Sounds like a good mix! I prefer a bit of quiet...with maybe one or two visits thrown in.

  5. Oh that looks like a great holiday. I totally prefer the Pringle bay one- I would very happily spend an entire month just sitting on that stoep. (would love to see the view)

  6. Beautiful photos of your time in Cape Town...I still want to meet Julia. We will be going to Cape Town in March for the Argus (Kobus entered). Will try to organise a date then. I wish you so much joy this year Marcia. I know that the Lord will always be the source of your joy and He will fill your joy well ♥

    1. Ah, Lynette, thank you for those lovely words.

      Yes, the JOY of the Lord is my strength!

      Julia is always keen to meet up so do make a plan and it will finally happen :)

      Are things going a little better for you now?


  7. Gosh. Your CT holiday was busy! I definitely prefer the Pringle Bay style holiday. With the eating out parts and a bit of exploring the area. But NO PEOPLE! I LOVED seeing you, my friend.

  8. We also did a lot during our holiday and it was actually really nice!

  9. I like a mix, I do get cabin fever easily. Your holiday sounds like the perfect mix and that is what it should be. Some
    Relaxing and some socializing.

  10. I like a mix on holiday, I think a holiday must entail coming home tanned and relaxed but also having done stuff. Your Pringle bay place sounds amazing! I am jealous that you got to spend so much time with Jules :)



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