Monday, January 25, 2016

When you're in a funk

(I'm trying a new thing where I blog for 15 - 30 minutes and then get off because it's too easy to get on, and blog forever while taking a break to read a blog or 15, etc.)

Anyway, I finished working through my Shining Life Workbook this weekend and it was amazing.


I know this intellectually but I'm still amazed at how putting in the work actually yields results :)

I had such clarity around what I want for myself in each of the areas of my life - spiritually, financially, relationships with friends, family, work, body, creatively (!), etc.

I wrote my mottos, habits I want to cultivate and more.

A glorious, dedicated time of intention-setting.

One of the exercises was about knowing what brings you comfort (she phrased it in a different way) especially when you feel blah... and need to get out of the funk.

Here are some of the things I wrote down:
  1. going for a walk
  2. playing with my camera - I found if I just take my 50 mm lens, or I turn the f-stop down, and go walk around the garden, or play with vases/ stationery, etc. to get a focal point, I can have no end of fun and .... 300 pics later, I'm good (10 minutes)
  3. cuddles with the kids
  4. talking to D
  5. worship
  6. cleaning/ organising... but furiously 
  7. reading with a big mug of tea for just 10 - 15 minutes (obviously longer is better but the trick is to find quick things)
Tell me, what are a few things you do to take you out of a funk?
PS It's not too late to set intentions for the year - read my OQ post :)

(13 minutes to write this post)


  1. It's great that you know how to get yourself feeling good again. I usually lie down which is not the best thing because it gives me more time to worry and stress about whatever put me in a bad mood in the first place. It's so weird that I know exactly what I do wrong but can never seem to change it. This year I will try!

    1. So what one or two things can you do differently? And try one of them next time....

    2. Hi Marcia :)

      Things that get me out of a funk:

      1. I love taking a long, hot bubble bath.
      2. Going for a quick walk within the Estate.
      3. Pampering myself, I usually give myself awesome quick mani or pedi (the before & after of my nails been groomed and painted gives me such a high) -its weird, I know.
      4. Laying and reading my daily, spiritual book and focusing on the message of the day.
      5. Talking to Dean about what's gotten me into a funk.
      6. Organizing my handbag, cupboard or toiletries.


  2. For me it's the following:

    1. Going for a run!
    2. Listening to loud music on my Ipod
    3. Reading!
    4. A good cup of TEA
    5. Doing something silly with my kids


  3. Nature is my biggest healer when I'm in a funk. I go to the beach and I just sit there for hours. I may take a long walk too. That ALWAYS gets me out of a funk. I also like going for walks (and taking LOADS of pics of course) and I make a plan to eat fish. Not sure why, but fish ALWAYS puts me in a good mood. Also. I swim. Strong, long, hard laps at my favourite indoor pool. And I go for a yoga class. My "thing"at work to get me out of a funk? Worship music and emailing all my favourite friends!

  4. ps...lately I've been chasing sunsets. I NEVER get to do sunsets because during winter I'm driving home at 5:30pm and in summer, the sun is on the other side of the mountain by the time I''m done at 8pm. Last week I did sunset at Woodbridge Island. Right now, my Boyfriend and I are off to Chapmans Peak. It's our new Friday thing!

  5. Go for a long walk/run. Cooking and watching "nothing" on TV

  6. Oh my friend...I wish I had time to get into a bit of a funk. The year has barely started and I already feel so tired.


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