Wednesday, January 06, 2016

What worked in 2015? A review of my word, enough

Wow - I had an interesting year last year.

My odd years have a record of being, let's say, challenging!

2011 - website hacked 3 times, gall bladder surgery after weeks of "back pain"
2013 - awful job.....
2015 - closed business, etc.

You know, I always say I'll stab myself in the eyes rather than work with numbers... and that's true.

Just because you're good at something doesn't mean you want to do it day in and day out.

However, when I do settle myself down and crank some figures, I always feel comforted.

I fully came into myself at work and realised I know enough and am enough, if that makes sense, especially after those 13 months that eroded a lot of my work confidence.

I also realised that I do more than enough and I can actually relax a bit and still be streaks ahead of the rest of them. This realisation came from Julia who asked me if my crazy work hours were worth it. It was... with a few adjustments. Those adjustments made me work as hard as I can during work hours and only very occasionally after hours (currently about 2 X a month for 3 - 4 hours at a time).

Well, I stopped that after 13 years. I haven't spoken much but it is a big deal to me and a huge part of my identity... gone. I have to trust God in this area and the good thing is I have always followed His Peace, and that is all I have. So one friend told me the other day they are praying like 1 Thess 5:17 for me (pray without ceasing) which I love. That's what I want and need - when you think of me, pray for clarity, for next steps, for guidance, and so on.

This was a year of boundaries for me. One friend stated their boundaries, I didn't like it but I respected it and that was that. No more friendship because I deserve more than those stated boundaries.

It was sort of the trigger for some other stuff - but basically, I know that I'm enough and I deserve more and so I'm no longer chasing people who clearly ("she's just not that into me") are not interested enough in me :)

This sounds terrible but it's actually all Konmari - I've trimmed my friend spreadsheet and now I can focus on investing in relationships that are good for me.

(if you have friend stuff, please (for the love!) read Boundaries)

In a friendship recap, this year I saw 68 people socially and 30 of those were 1:1 dates. In 2014, that was 85 and 49.....


31 days
Oh, this is the best part. I've written extensively about Konmari and it was life-changing for me.

I had more than enough clothes, stuff in the kitchen, bags, kids' stuff, etc. I'm still busy Konmari-ing but I can tell you, I used to teach and coach and speak about this stuff, and STILL I didn't live with just enough.


Finances were, thank God, more than enough. I am a tither (every single month for over 21 years now) and you could NOT convince me that God is not interested in my money.

I reached my big, hairy savings goal and my financial advisor is very pleased, as am I when I see my statements.

The one area I'm still not happy about is all the outgo though. For people who are bond-free (debt-free), we still spend too much. I want to put a debit order on that joint savings account to a unit trust to get that money out so we can't spend it.

Granted, we did plenty of house stuff so that was our biggest expense and then of course, holidays (holidays was number 1 last year), which I never mind spending on.

Social media

This is a biggie. There is just enough and then there's too much. And actually, when your eyes get sore from all the scrolling, that's way too much.

I basically (unintentionally) started doing less and less online, and that was so good.

I created a second instagram account @organisingqueen and because I'm logging in and out of both accounts, it's forced me to be less connected on my main account. Which is great.

So I log on, post my thing, check my comments, respond, scroll around a bit (still too much sometimes but nothing like before) and am off. I don't feel compelled to read everything since the last time I was on, like I used to. So freeing.

Anyway, that's my update on my word for 2015. It was a good year of my word, enough.

This year's word is JOY - more here :)

What is your word for the year? And how did you do with your 2015 word?


  1. My 2015 Nurture was great for everyone but me. But it was a horrid year in total - this one will be better

    1. Just let the year go and set yourself up for success in 2016!

  2. Happy new year! Maybe This year is very suitable for marriage.
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