Tuesday, February 16, 2016

6 and a half: K & C answer questions about me

I was reading Sarah's blog and I found some questions she asked her girls.

So I grabbed the kids (separately) and they answered some questions for me. Enjoy. I loved this little exercise.

These photos were all taken on their actual half birthday while we were in Cape Town.

Me:  What was I like as a child?
Kendra: a cutie
Connor:  you didn’t wear glasses

Me:  What is something I always say to you?
Kendra: I love you
Connor:  I love you

Me: What makes me happy?
Kendra:  when I listen
Connor: when we be good

Me:  What makes me sad?
Kendra: when I don’t listen
Connor: when we be naughty

Me:  How do I make you laugh?
Kendra: by tickling me
Connor: making funny jokes

Me:  How old am I?
Kendra: 42
Connor: 41

Me:  How tall am I?
Kendra:  2 cm
Connor: 13 cm

Me:  What is my favourite thing to do?
Kendra: worship
Connor: go on a date with us

Me:  What do I do when you're not around?
Kendra: play with Connor, type on your computer
Connor: go to work

Me:  What do I do for a job?
Kendra:  you’re a stabiliser (I also don't know what this is!)
Connor: scientist

Me:  What do you enjoy doing with me?
Kendra: baking
Connor: going on a date

Me:  What am I really good at?

Kendra: hugs and kisses
Connor: writing

Me:  What is something I'm not good at?
Kendra: getting sick
Connor: running fast

Me:  What is my favourite food?
Kendra:  pancakes
Connor: eggs and bacon and toast

I'm not saying which is true or not... but did anything surprise you?

Which was your favourite answer?

If you do this with your kids, let me know so I can come read :)

PS thanks for all the great comments on the car rental post... I'm very close to a resolution. Will blog more when it's sorted.
PPS Do you have any questions for Julia?


  1. This is really cute. I like how your dates really are close to Connor's heart.

  2. Very very cute - obviously Connor loves his mommy dates. And I love the "How tall question's answers.

  3. I love the "what makes me happy" and "what makes me sad" answers...so similar from both and I assume spot on! I'm thinking my Ethan is a bit too young to ask these questions at 4 but I may just give it a try :-)

  4. Love this is so much. And when K is older, this is so going to be a thing I do with him. Connor and quality time is all kinds of adorable.

    1. Oooh, a question for Julia she might laugh at: Dear Julia, How do I not smack my classmates upside the head when they fail to recognise their privilege?

  5. Loved this!

    I think Kendra is right - you are a stabiliser... you keep people around you grounded and stable.

  6. A stabiliser and not running fast hahahahahah! Lolling for days!

  7. I'm going to do this with the girls for my birthday! I love C's "go on a date" answers! :)

  8. Love, love, love...

  9. LOVED reading this. Mmmm....a stabiliser? That's someone who makes all the things STABLE. That's who you are in her world. I think it's a fantastic compliment.

  10. Love love love the answers

    A stabilizer is an equipment you plug your electrical equipments into so it is not affected by surges in power!

    2 and 13 cm! Your kids must think mommy is very short

    And they are both technically right on the age depending on how you do the counting! Mommy is still 41 but in her 42nd year


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