Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Creative boundaries

I decided to do a few short-term, creative projects this year.

Short-term, because I get bored quickly, and creative because I realised while goal-setting last weekend that I miss my year of create. 2012 really was a fantastic year of trying things and stepping out.

So this month - Feb - I want to use only 5 photos in every post I publish on this blog. Call me out if I forget!

This practice is hopefully going to do two things:

1) instill the discipline to continue this habit for the rest of the year, and
2) help me to become more ruthless with the photos that are my actual favourites. I noticed that my Marcia faves folders have been increasing in size year by year...and I want to get back to choosing ONE beautiful picture of a sunset, not five from different angles :)

Tell me about your creative projects for the year.
How do you feel about having boundaries with your creativity?
(I think it increases the creativity but I want to hear from you)


  1. My creative stuff tends to be blog posts and I don't think it's going that well or all that creatively, But it's ok for now.

    Ps. 5 photos is a lot to me, so I figure it should be easy for you to do ;)

  2. In the last 4 years I have severely neglected my creative self. I used to paint ceramics and mosiac and do a lot of creative things now I don't have the time for those things as they are heavily time intensive and that is in short supply in my home. That said I have undertaken to bake each of my family birthday cakes in the year - one down, two to go!

  3. Only one creative home project. I must complete the revamp of Bianca's bedroom, the guest room and my scrap studio. That should be done by the end of this month.

  4. I want to do lots of creative stuff - but that is the usual for me. Getting to them is the issue. I want to paint more this year

  5. Oh gosh I would do only creative stuff if time allowed - I am busy on a frame for our room - hopefully D can hang it for me next weekend!!!
    Being creative helps me recharge and focus!

  6. Photo stuff and music. There's a high school close to us that does LOADS of adult education short courses for cheap. Am going drumming and guitaring in term 2 because I've just missed term 1 cutoff.

  7. And knitting of course!

  8. My goal this year is to complete all my half done projects. I started to mosaic a garden water feature 2 years ago and never completed it. So I put it on my goals for February. I also want to do at least 1 scrapbook page a week. Seeing my completed scrapbook page brings me so much joy.

  9. I love that kitchen in the 4th photo. LOVE it!


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