Friday, February 26, 2016

Friendship Friday - The friendship situation after the first 2 months of 2016

I have a few resolutions about friendship this year. I'm not sure yet how they will work out but this is where I'm at:
  • invest most of my time in my closest friends
  • tend fewer friendships but tend them well
  • invite groups of friends to events with me
  • reciprocity is the name of the game this year; if people don't seem interested, maybe they're not.
  • I plan to have not more than 2 weekend plans per month, but happy to have a lunch date during the week
Do you have any friendship resolutions this year? 

I had a great January which was helped along by our Cape Town so much.

But first, we had a chance for a quick catch-up at church with our good friends and their most adorable child. Look at the cheeks! B's mom said when she looks at the baby, it's like going back in time 30 years! We like to squeeze lots of visits in as if London is on the other side of the world when truly, we see these two more than we see many friends living right in Jhb.

My kids wiggled their way into Julia's plans and went swimming with her. I had an awesome Bo-Kaap walk with her (those who follow me on IG have seen a few of those pics already) - one of the absolute highlights of my holiday, even though it was unbearably hot, and we then met up with Leandra for supper at my favourite Cape Town restaurant, Chef Pon's Asian Kitchen.

(I went twice in four days and both times ate the same thing - Thai Mussamen Curry - nobody makes it like The Chef :)) To be honest, I'm jealous of all you Cape Town people who technically could have a nice treat every month.

We also spent a wonderful afternoon/ evening with the Se7en gang. I wrote about that visit on this blog. By the way, please donate a book or five. They (we're) building a library again this year.

pic by D - who was most impressed :) He came back all "they have EIGHT kids and that house runs like clockwork. Things are going to change around here" :) HA!
We also went to church (Hillsong) with another friend - so good to worship together. Kendra was right - worship is one of my most favourite things.

And we had tea with another friend in the computer that I finally met years later. I love it!!!!

taken in a parking garage!
That's not even all.

I arranged to meet Laura for an early lunch after a client meeting last month. It was so good to see her again and catch up :) He came to our offices this month so I may get to Pta in March or April again.

And then, the best. I reunited with a university friend. She lived two doors down in my res, and we hadn't seen each other for 23.5 years. It was so great. She was actually friends with D first, and she is the reason D started sitting at "my" table. How's that for a story?

We share a birthday so I asked her to a half-birthday lunch :)

And the very next day Mrs FF came to do photos with me at the crafternoon. The kids babysat Miss K. I think they thought she was a doll. They were babying her and drawing with her and on and on.

So things are ticking over nicely, but they could be better. It's amazing (to me) how quiet things get when you stop fanning the flames.

But enough about me.

Now that the first two months are just about over, how is your friendship situation looking this year?


  1. Hay Friday how you get to see so many people... I am just typing our library post... packed with details. One handed typing with the wrong hand isn't my strength and posts are taking days!!! Anyhow, hope you all have the most fabulous weekend!!!

  2. Oh gosh, my friendship status is always rather sad. But I am heading to PE in March and will be meeting Lynette so I am very excited about that!

  3. Wow - that sounds great. And I'm all for reciprocity, good one :-) I'm STILL battling cutting down my birthday list :-( Very hard to decide which friends I really want there and then there's the thing of...if I invite this one, I must invite this one. And then Facebook posts...cannot have a picture being put up on the night and make people feel left out. But then I need to remind myself that it's MY birthday and that I get to do the final list and that should include people who really matter to me. Have had a lot of friend evenings during the week which I've been enjoying. Gives me a midweek break and also frees up the weekend for family things!

  4. SO next time in Pretoria - please? My friendship status is very sad at the moment - I am simply not getting to do what I want. Having all the drama with my mom certainly does not help either.

  5. Well, my friendship life has been ok of late. I've decided this year to also only invest in the friends who show interest in investing in me as well. A friend that I was having troubles with last year (felt very one sided and like I was doing all the work) admitted that she has been a bad friend to me so we are trying to repair our friendship. One day at a time.

    Then I am seeing you soon as well so it's good!


  6. You are so good with this. I only saw my very best friend last weekend for the first time in 2016 which is shocking. But life has just been so crazy hectic for everyone. And it is so difficult to match schedules. That said I will try to be better and prioritize it the way you do. Can't wait for our Tea at the end of March and even more excited for the crafter's afternoon when I may get a glimpse into your photo sorting/editing process ;)

  7. I read this post and it inspired to go make some dates. So I have one on Saturday and then next I am seeing two friends together.
    I inspired Hubby to make some dates too, and hopefully we will organise some other friends later in the month too.

  8. I DO love this picture of me. And that's saying A LOT. Because I generally hate pictures of myself.
    You've had a VERY good two months! I LOVED seeing you.
    I had 3 friendship resolutions this year:
    1. No more lighthouse keeping. This is going well so far and I'm actually being pursued!
    2. Free up my weeknights so no more friend dates during the week. This one went to pot last week. I went out on Thursday night to First Thursdays - it's a monthly event in CT, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Had sooooo much fun! Am definitely going again!
    3. Only invest in friendships where there is reciprocation.

  9. I love the photo of Julia with you. I seriously need to meet you and her in real life xx

  10. Meeting request in your inbox now!


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