Sunday, February 14, 2016

I should have known better - not just a Jim Diamond song

Here's some free advice for you if you rent cars - don't use the car rental company whose name starts with an E and has a green logo.

Maybe some of you remember a holiday we took nearly 3 years ago to Plett? Long story short, our rental car started smoking and so we had to delay our flights while waiting for a new car to arrive. About R4000 later, we had new flights back and that was that.

The car rental agency company accepted no liability even though it was their car.

I was in That Job at the time, so straight back into the swing of things, I don't even think I had time to process it.

And now this -  I mentioned in passing a few posts back that we had a rental car that was dented by an anonymous driver on day 1 in Cape Town.

We've just received a bill for R17220. Yes!

They already took some of it off our credit card and now want the balance of R14 000.

I'm horrified.

This thing is giving me sleepless nights.

It's not so much the money. We have the money but it is meant to pay for other things, exciting things like damp-proofing!!!

I've been plagued by this thought that I should have known better. I'm in financial services (granted, this area is not my expertise); how could we not have checked everything better? To be honest, I feel really stupid about this thing.

Anyway, I'm not regurgitating the whole, sorry tale here because I spent a good two hours of my life this evening poring over the various documents I requested in order to draft a very long email to them.

Very long.

I'm sure it's two pages long, when printed.

I have asked for their complaints procedure, and I want answers to my 4 very detailed questions. As far as I'm concerned there are too many things that don't add up.

Anyway, in church today, our pastor preached on baggage...... and I saw in myself this E situation so clearly. So I'm doing what I can which is to state my case, ask the hard questions and I'm letting go. I can't drag this thing around with me day in and day out.

If worst comes to worse, I suppose we have to pay. Can I pay them R200 a month forever? I still want to know what would have happened if someone had bumped us hard enough to write off the car. We don't have R200,000 to pay in that case. What do they do then?

I still would like to know from my medical aid why they associate with such shysters (they're like used car salesmen) when they are clearly better than that. And I have told my husband we are either driving everywhere in our own cars from now onwards or Uber-ing. That's it.

Back to I should have known better.

Nail polish colour - Jazz Funk by Rimmel (a navy/ dark grey)

It's brought up the thing about That Job where for so long I beat myself up because I felt like I should have known better.


Anyway, tell me something amazing to cheer me up.

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Ugh...!!!

    OK. Something amazing. The girls missed THREE Valentine's parties because of the snow. (A couple will be rescheduled...but wow!) We had such a fun day, though. We went sledding as a family, and it was bliss. We all had such a great time! This was definitely unexpected...but welcome!

    Hope you get the rental car situation straightened out in your favor. That sounds nuts! I am so sorry to hear it!

  2. No man Marcia - doesn't your insurance cover this? Or there's? We dealt with another car rental company when I was in the bank and this was something people disputed ALL THE TIME because they try their luck - so keep fighting AND I am pretty sure you can get the amount debited reversed unless you signed something saying they could.

    1. It won't be covered by my own insurance as that is on our vehicles.

  3. I'm with Laura, I'm sure this can be fought and sorted out. Umm good news, I only have 180 pages of theory to read this week :p

    1. woohoo? 180 pages is half a book! :o

  4. I thought there was insurance for this? I am pretty sure I checked this out when we used a rental back in August. I think we paid about R20,00 day extra for insurance. Was not an E company.
    Something amazing is that I sleep like a baby and I have my work under control and I love everyone...:)

  5. Did you guys knock the car or was it knocked when you got it...I'm confused?! Also, surely this is covered at the rental company. This sounds like hogwash...sorry :-(

    1. It was knocked while we were parked outside a restaurant and obviously, the perpetrator didn't leave a note, so no way to go after their third party insurance

  6. I am horrified...surely they have insurance on the vehicles...and the excess would not be that high.

  7. Now I am very very scared to rent a car. Surely they have to insure their cars? I really want to know the outcome to this?

    Something amazing? A got a third place in backstroke in Fridays' gala - her least favorite stroke. She is suddenly a very good swimmer

  8. I'm sure that part of the hire contract is that you will pay EXCESS not the entire frigging bill! That seems WAY excessive (excuse the pun) to merely be the excess on this bump (assume those are the images above?) I would request the repair quote from them! Sorry friend! So not cool!

    Something amazing? Uuuuuuuuuum. Nope I'm at a loss. (bad few weeks)


  9. I have no words of advice. This just sucks. Big time. Sorry! xxx

  10. So sorry my friend. This is just AWFUL.
    Also. February has kicked my bum. BIG TIME. Nothing good to share at this moment. Am without a phone again. Sigh.

  11. I'm too in shock to even think of anything cheering! WHAT!!

    I hope it gets sorted and in your favour. my office used to use that rental company and stopped because of too many issues .

    This might make you laugh K is talking up a storm, her latest thing is to ask for "totosauce" on everything possible and it is always said as one one. Totosauce is tomato sauce :)


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