Sunday, February 21, 2016

Let me tell you about my new pan

The house we stayed at in Pringle Bay was amazing. Function and form.

Before my organising queen days, I used to sometimes wish someone would break into the house and steal everything so we could then go out and get just 8 of exactly what I want.


Anyway, this house had quality stuff in it so it was a pleasure to cook. And it had lots of neutrals so it felt calm and peaceful being there.

So I decided to start doing what I can to my own home to make it feel the same.

I stand at the entrance to my kitchen regularly now looking to see if anything is out of place or how I can make it feel more calm. Calm with a pop of colour because it's still my kitchen :)

It takes about 3 seconds but so far I now always turn the oven gloves so the red side faces me, I bought 6 neutral mugs and this afternoon, I did some more Konmari-ing of things in my cupboards so I can have white space...

We always stay in really nice places when we go on holiday and the thing that is always incongruent is this business of not having a proper non-stick pan.

I have, in the 5 times we've been to Ballito, requested new pots and pans twice that I can remember. Don't charge us R1500 a day (off-season) and then expect me to cook in horrible cookware.

They are good about it and when we're back from the beach at lunch, my new stuff is waiting.

One day in PB I made omelettes for lunch. And the pan was SO divine to cook in I gasped and smiled and.... very nearly sang from joy.

No jokes.

A good knife does the same thing to me.

Anyway, I checked this pan out properly and discovered it was from Woolworths.

So when we got back to Jhb, I took my Secret Santa R200 voucher and put it towards the same pan.

Now I can also have the pleasure of that pan in my very own kitchen.

Some of you are thinking, I completely get you, and the others are saying, wow, you're crazier than I thought :)

Which camp are you in? Do you feel passionately about certain kitchen items?


  1. I totally get it!! I love my non stick pan... And my cooking spoons and tong!!!

    1. Non-stick pan lovers unite! Now strange, I never use my tongs. I think I may have chucked mine out with the last Konmari :)

  2. I totally love a good non stick pan - found a divine one at Spar of all places that is for mine and hubby's use only. I also adore my steamer and pressure cooker. Oh and can not live without the espresso machine

    1. I am very fussy with my pans too but I have it in my head to replace them every so often. This one is more than double the price I usually pay though so I wrote a note for Nanny S and told her the price and that I do not intend to replace it anytime soon so to please treat it very carefully.

      I have a pressure cooker pot I never use but it's a lovely size to cook big pots of soup in winter (without the lid) and it's D's mom's one given to me, so a bit special.

      Never use a steamer - Konmari'd mine in the last chuck out, and of course, I don't "do" coffee ;)

    2. I do so many things in the pressure cooker - but mine is electric so it switches off or keep warm - no need to watch it like the traditional. I literally cook everything in it in less time and more flavour - bolognaise is my newest addition.I will blog about it.

  3. I have a set of fancy stainless steel and cast iron cookware we received as a wedding gift from my parents and a pressure cooker from my sister. We have never needed to buy anything else.
    I love the pressure cooker and I would struggle to cook without one. I love the cast iron skillet as it fulfills all my pancake type cooking needs.

    1. ooh those do sound good. I read a very popular post on The Frugal Girl on how to "prep" a cast iron pan. I then knew how I messed mine up because I had one many many moons ago. :o

      How do you cook with the pressure cooker? What do you make in there?

    2. Pressure cooker is perfect for cooking brown rice and beans and any food that traditionally take a long time like samp. It is a staple in my kitchen too

  4. I am the same way!!! I LOVE my knives. They're very high quality, and it makes a HUGE difference in everything I do. I also love my measuring spoons. I have two very nice sets that are heavy and professional...and I have my mom's old ones that Hubby would secretly love to throw away. ;) They all make me very happy.

    I also have some different coffee mugs that I love. I bought two new ones a year or so ago. They're mismatched, but I like them. I have another one I bought in NYC years ago that makes me smile.

    Oh, and I use stainless steel for everything but omelettes/pancakes/crepes. I had a great pan for years and years I got in downtown Chicago just after J and I got married. That finally bit the dust and I ordered a new one (although I couldn't find exactly the same). It's so nice!

    OK. Gotta stop typing now. I could obviously go on and on! ;)

    1. Ahhhhh, you get me :) And I get all your things too!

      I have things from D's gran that I love - ice-cream scoop, old bread knife, hand mixer, mixing bowl, etc.

  5. Yip, non-stick frying pans and knives are my bug bear.
    I cannot tell you how many knives I've bought after our first day at a holiday home.

  6. I cannot deal with bad knives! Also a non stick pan is a MUST (note to self yours needs replacing soon)


  7. Ja I LOVE my Le Creuset pan!!!! I would have them in all sizes if I could!

  8. Nope. I think you are MAD.
    A pan would just NOT excite me. AT ALL. Maybe because I hate cooking? All I want are working appliances and good knives.

    1. Lol... A perfect non stick pan is an essential for cooking so many things without dealing with things sticking :)


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