Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My world, currently

So there's only one person who emailed (Dear Julia, in fact) to tell me I'm crazy! HA!

Pleased to see there are so many of us with exacting needs :)

It occurred to me that I have some updates to share, so here goes.

1. I finally had a crafternoon

There were only two of us but we worked really hard on our photos and it was so nice to be done. I did all my iphone photos for Jan and I made those ring bowls which I'm super chuffed about.

Next one is in the diary and everyone who expressed interest through the blog or in person has been invited. If that was you, mail me. I'll send you the invite.

2. This E car rental

The crooks tried to get us to pay for all the dents, chips and scratches on the car in addition to our one.

When I pointed this out to them after reviewing all the documents, they knocked off about R7000.

It still means we paid R15 000 for a rental. Yes, the most expensive in the history of D & M, and I maintain we will NEVER use this company again.

I still haven't paid the additional thousands - it makes me ill to think of it. Can someone tell me if I can pay like R250 forever? I'm tempted to do this.... but I checked hellopeter and they just hand you over to lawyers which my stress levels cannot take. If anyone knows, email me please!

But let me just tell you - if you insist on using these crooks, please take out super waiver at all times. It is not insurance, no excess. I had an answer to my question and if someone had seriously bashed us, we would have been liable for R42 000 for the class of rental (C).

I will be Uber-ing.

3. The A car rental place

My medical aid used to use the red A car rental place and they moved to these green E people. GRRR.

Obviously, because I'm a sharer, the whole office knows the saga.

And then............. our parent company has moved from the lovely A car rental people to ... these green E people.

I actually screamed.

And then announced I would not be using those crooks for travel. So we're at a standoff til I need to fly somewhere for business again. Probably September.

I adore this pic. My reflection and the lovely, old wood.

4. Refinement

Speaking of work, we will be going through a refinement. Yes, it's what you think. A re-org, a re-structure.

There have been tears and shouting and drama at work. Thankfully, not by me!

I still don't love my laundry, but Capetonians do!

5. Work from home

I'm largely irritated by my team of late (last month or so). Basically when I got back from leave. Far, far too much talking (whining/ moaning) and not enough actual work. Believe me we all have plenty.

So I decided to work from home one day a week. No one's actually asked me why I'm not coming in and if I'm asked, I'll tell him I can't work properly in that noisy office.

It's been AMAZING - I get so much done... in the morning and then I fetch the babies at 2.30 and it all goes to pot.

That, my friends, is why I love the office.

So tell me, what's been happening in your world? Work, money, whatever.


  1. LOL thats the story of my life. I have to be super super productive in the 4/5 hours I have before the kids get home!

    I would have no choice but to pay R50 month - no way we have R15 000 lying around! How frustrating!

  2. Just had a laugh at the caption to the I <3 my laundry quip - for those who don't know, it's a dim sum spot, that also does laundry :0

    Yay, for getting to craft. Boo to the rental saga. And I hope the refinement goes well.

    1. Really? Dim sum? I had no idea!

  3. Those car rental people sound like a bunch of sharks!
    Sheesh, good luck with the reshuffle Marcia. Are you directly affected?
    At my new secret place things are also interesting. When I got there it was all broken and I changed everything. Now it's working, but the client is whining that I'm not doing it like the one who came before me. Lol...well duh! Of course not, it wasn't working. My direct manager said the nicest thing to me this week. He said I make his life at least 25% easier and he's trying to get me this as a permanent secret place and not just a contract.

  4. This car rental thing makes me so angry! And I love your beautiful photos

    How are you affected by the refining whatever they call it thing? I hope not - you have had enough work drama.

  5. Have you actually asked them about paying the outstanding amount off in installments? I don't see how they can refuse if you put it out there? Also this lesson has taught me to be more mindful of the paperwork!

    Glad that you are not effected by the drama at work at this stage! Will you be at all?


  6. Anniversary this weekend - trying to sort out my gifts!!! Then it's my birthday a week and a bit after that...trying to decide on a venue and who will be making the list. Can't believe it's less than 2weeks away and I haven't decided but I think because subconsciously, my friend who passed away recently shared my birthday so I'm a bit down thinking about that :-(

  7. HAHA. I ADORE going to I LOVE MY LAUNDRY. Many people do laundry there because it is a laundry. I go for Dim Sum. They serve VERY decent dim sum and really good coffee. I actually think you would love it!
    I like that word "refinement". Sounds much nicer than retrenchment. Or restructuring.
    New things in my life? husband started a new job. And I have decided that I'm done with hair chemicals. Am going au natural. Still trying to figure out HOW I will actually pull it off.

  8. You are fortunate to have the flexibility to be able to work from home xx


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