Thursday, February 18, 2016

So yes, the homework started

Remember how I was saying before that the kids didn't have any homework yet?

Well yes, the deluge started the following week.

While, on the one hand, I like to do homework and such (like the arts and crafts) with the kids, I still feel like they are only 6 and I feel they should be playing more!

I even found myself saying to a mom the other day, "no, they can only do playdates on a Friday" - who am I? Usually I'm all for the socialising.

We're slowly getting into the routine because I don't want to be forcing kids to do homework every day.

Here's what we're doing so far:
  1. Nanny S does draft 1.
  2. When we get home from work, we check that they've done it properly and tick the list.
  3. We had to have a talk with Nanny and the kids because they all seemed to think the point of homework is to fly through it. And so I said this - you can do it fast and do it again when I get home, or you can do it a little bit slower and take more care, and do it once. That fixed it all. 
  4. On a Thursday, I do a thorough check again because the folder lives at school over the weekend.
  5. We've had one show and tell already - I emailed the teacher and she told me they both did well, so there's that. In my opinion, the show and tell is to make the parents work! 
  6. Key tip - we have to separate the kids otherwise they distract one another and the whole story takes a lot longer

I am a different sort of mother (and it turns Dr Kevin Leman approves of my tough mothering approach) - I do my bit to support but I let them at it. I passed Sub A a million years ago, as I tell them. So I printed the pics they wanted, and provided cardboard and glue stick, and they did their things themselves. Then we listened for 3 days running, and that was it. Their projects looked very different but they are very different kids.

There's another thing too - the kids are way advanced for what is required, for example they have to count up to 20, and back down again as one of their many things every day. They try and tell me that they only need to count to 20, and I had to say that if you can do something comfortably, you need to stretch yourself.

 "But the teacher said...." and I say, "I know what's best for you because you're my kids". Oh dear.

Seriously, I said the teacher is looking after 26/28 kids so she needs to make sure all of you can do something at the same level. I know you can do more so you will practise that here with me.

Anyway, they eventually got it. I think.

I do give a star every week (only one star at the end of the week because homework, is after all, their job at this level) for a good attitude while doing their homework.

Tell me about your homework situation.

Are you coping? Who does the homework supervision? Share your tips and tricks.

PS which is your favourite photo?


  1. Haha...Nicola seems to think that she works at school, and the homework is actually sent home for me! Had to shatter that pretty quickly. Now it's going much better. ;-)

    1. LOL - that is priceless!

      Also, thanks with the Afrikaans help :)

  2. At four years old we do not have any homework yet, More homework for Hubby and I than for the child.
    Once a week we get a sheet saying what they will be doing, what we need to send that week and the words to the rhymes and books we should read.

    1. Ah, yes, I remember the pre-school days so fondly now. All it was is the theme for the week :)

  3. Love the second from bottom one most! Well ours do theirs mostly with the au pair. Obviously A has more than can be handled with all her activities in just the afternoons so things like speeches and presentations and projects and studying does happen over weekends. I buy all the kids the Prac Maths book for their year - so they can do extra maths and practice more. And I think it pays of handsomely. Also they get a little something for every book they read

    1. Thank you!

      If I didn't have Nanny S full-time, I would send them to aftercare. The lady who runs it is an ex-teacher and they do the homework there perfectly. Like I would :)

      I want to hear more about this Prac Maths book...

  4. Homework for K is not a thing yet. But I have homework and assignments now. I think I need a reward for good attitude, and doing my work ;)

    1. I think you need a reward for your homework too ;)

  5. With Son1 I just check occasionally. HE doesn't know when I will be checking - I like to keep it a surprise. And I MAKE HIM REDO IT if it looks like the dog's breakfast.
    I don't do much with Son2 = his homework gets done at aftercare. I have to say it is BEAUTIFULLY done - exactly how I would have done it. I check it every night and reinforce certain things just to check that he actually knows it. We do counting and things like that in the car on the way home. We do a little bit of handwriting practice every night. And we read every single night. OR rather, HE reads to me.

  6. I sometimes work through those workbooks with him or I download free worksheets - he LOVES those. I get him crossword stuff, Maths and English. I'm still looking for some good Afrikaans ones. Those Maths books that Rina recommends are LOVELY. I forgot about them until Son1's shrink reminded me to get one for him. Am about to order one for each kid.

  7. I'm taking tips for when I hit the homework stage... ;-)

    The bottom one is my favourite



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