Monday, February 08, 2016

Why I go on dates with the kids

On Saturday after gym, Connor asked me if he and I could go on a date on Sunday morning, before church. He wanted to go to Mugg and Bean for breakfast.

Yes, he is that specific.

(it's scary seeing yourself in your kids)

I'd been feeling the same way so I said YES, of course we can go.

So that's what we did.

It was a huge effort for me because I had a terrible headache on Sat (a topic for another blog post) and slept from about 7 pm to nearly 3 am. Faffed for an hour tidying in the middle of the night, and then started a new book before falling asleep again.

Anyway, we had a lovely breakfast and both had a wonderful time.

Today after praying good-night prayers, he told me his teacher asked what their favourite part of the weekend was, and he said, "going on a date with Mummy".

Me: Awwwww, my boy. And I kissed him

C: Because Mummy, with all the homework every night, we haven't had a chance to chat. That's why I wanted to go to breakfast so while they were making our food, we could chat.

(I did ask him if he wanted to take colouring with us - we do this or Word Search sometimes - and he said no, he just wanted to talk)

I am amazed at this child.

I just said to D now, "is he 6 or 30?"

Connor's love language is quality time and that's why I go on dates with him.

I have started a new thing which I will write about on the other blog - goals with kids.... which so far is working AWESOME.

Do you have a child whose love language is quality time?
Do you spend intentional time with that child?

P.S. It doesn't have to cost money. Connor and I also race up and down the street (when it's not hot!) and on Sunday afternoon, we kicked a ball around the garden for about 15 minutes.
PPS. I will add that I typed up my 2016 goals this weekend and since I have it on there, I'll put it out here - I would like to do a few 5 love languages talks/ workshops this year. If you have some friends and would like me to do one for you, contact me. I LOVED the one I did for about 30 ladies in October last year.


  1. I love, love this idea. Although I am a quality time person so my bias is showing ;)

  2. B asked for time with me on Saturday. We'd planned to go out to lunch, but she just wasn't having it. I didn't love the near-"fit" she had about not wanting to go, but I could very much appreciate her desire to stay home with me.

    Hubby went to lunch with A, and B and I hung out. We ate PB&J sandwiches off my grandmother's china (!!!) and read in front of the fireplace. She didn't even want me to read to her...just wanted to sit beside me and read. <3

    I'll actually blog about this. :) (Trying to pick up my blogging!)

    Hugs to you all!!!

  3. Such a great idea! I actaully think all 3 my kids to some extend love quality time but C most of all

  4. This is something that I have to focus on this year with Kade. He craves alone time with me.

  5. Such precious conversations. I love the way both your kids express themselves so freely and openly. I have a little nephew (he is autistic) who lives with us and now while reading this I realised his love language is also quality time. We do spend a lot of one on one time with him but now after realising this I will make it a priority. Even now he is lying next to me. :)

  6. Honestly I am not 100% sure - I think Jacks is.

    Intentional one on one time is hard around these parts but I do try!

  7. What a lovely idea. I try to make time to speak and sit with my baby, and I know he loves to be touched. Hugs, kisses, holding hands.

  8. I love to spend one-on-one time with my children and my grand children...I think those are the moments they will cherish forever.

  9. Quality time and touch trumps everything, all the time, for my two. Even if we're doing nothing, they want to do nothing ON MY LAP, or resting against my arm..and in the heat of summer I'm usually like "please give me some space! Our new thing is learning to play chess. Well Liam plays chess at school and he is teaching us. Either I am dof, or chess is really hard.. I need private lessons..


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