Saturday, March 05, 2016

Another good reading month

This was another good reading month for me. I finished 7 books, two of those non-fiction.

  1. We'll always have Paris - a travel memoir of a lady and her daughter
  2. Parenting your Powerful Child - Dr Kevin Leman. I'm on a Leman kick and plan to listen to Have a new you by Friday this month too.

Um, all those with powerful kids (Gemma - Sam!) should read this book. D listened to just an hour of it with me and we've been using the tricks on our kids already :)

Favourite books this month
Four friends - Robyn Carr

Get Lucky - Katherine Center

Three and a half heartbeats - Amanda Prowse

Go read all my reviews on Goodreads :)

I still have this mad idea that I want to start a book club. BUT there's the small matter of I don't like people telling me what to read and when, I don't read book club-by books and no-one I know reads the same books I do. :)

So my fantasy book club remains this nice idea in my head.

What was the most interesting book you read in February?
What do you plan to read this month?


  1. Hmmm, I think my Feb reading highlight was the first book in a series - the Guardians of Summerfield. This month's reading hopefully includes something light and fluffy, mostly though I have a book to read for class.

    Ps. Thanks for mentioning the wax highlighters, they're amazing.

    1. My pleasure - I've been using those wax highlighters for two years and I have not looked back :)

  2. I have been in a reading slump. I was looking for just ONE book to take me out of it. So about two weeks ago I read Anita Diamant's The Red Tent. I ADORED it! After that I got totally into reading again and I read Alice Sebold's Lovely Bones and right now I'm reading Nadia Hashimi's When the moon is low. I am LOVING it so far. I think that March is going to be a month of NF. I also started Crazy Love on Friday. Oh my hat. Sjoe. I am putting it down all the time to process. And I'm making notes! And then I have another NF lined up. One that I've been avoiding! Can you guess which one it is?

    1. It's funny how that happened. I remember a stage late last year too where I read about 5 - 6 mediocre books in a row. I wanted to be transported and finally I got a book from the library and spent most of a Sat and Sun just reading. That ended my slump too!

  3. I think your reading matter (the fiction ones) are typical bookclub stuff - what is nice about a book club is that you do get exposed to more books than what you would usually buy and actually takes the plunge easier into other genres. You know I have a post on how to start and work a bookclub?

    My recent favorite read was I am Pilgrim - a fantastic read

    1. It's not the organising and how-to I'm confused by; it's how to have that connection ad still not be forced into different genres and stuff I don't like reading ;)


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