Thursday, March 03, 2016

Bright colours in the Bo-Kaap

Aside from my walk with Julia, we went back to the Bo-Kaap so I could completely indulge in photo-taking on my own looser schedule than with a tour guide.

And yes, I bribed the kids with ice-cream to go walking in 30-something degree heat.

This one reminds me of a Tara Whitney photo :)

This girl was supposed to email me for her photo but never did.

One more that I posted on Instagram :)

Now, doesn't that make you feel happy?

Otherwise, what's making you happy these days?


  1. Oh boy - these are simply gorgeous! Counting the days to the end of term is making me very happy

  2. I LOVE these so much!
    Right now, my new work hours are making me happy. Working from 7-4 has changed my life! I miss traffic. And I run into my house at 4:30pm and have a bubble bath to wind down. I soak for about 30 minutes before I continue with anything else. This decadence makes me sooooooo happy!

  3. I have never been here, despite going to Cape Town at least twice a year! Hows that!

    I am going to make a plan next time!

    1. please go on that walking tour!

  4. These houses are so bright!!!! I have to visit when next I'm in CT

  5. Beautiful photos...that makes me happy xx


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