Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Can we talk about bodywash?

My brain is fried and though I have lots to say about the Instagram drama, let's talk about something lighter today.


First, I only use bodywash in summer. In winter I use soap because it doesn't feel so cold on the sponge. When I'm feeling fancy I use glycerine soap to give my skin extra moisture but otherwise it's Dove.

I always used to get gift packs of bodywash and body lotion so I haven't bought my own stuff for years and years... til I stopped getting those gifts.

Granted, it's better if I don't get them because I'm also a bit selective (fussy) in that I'm very sensitive to smells, so I only use vanilla, sandalwood and "clean, unfragranced scents". Oh, and cocoa butter also works although is not my very favourite fragrance. I also like a creamy soap.

So I've had to buy some bodywash of late, it being the summer that never ends (!!!! it's nearly APRIL and still so hot!).

I spent what felt like hours combing the aisles of Clicks and Pick and Pay, and friends, there is a thing like too much choice.

I left the first time empty-handed and then my MIL had this one in a hand wash in her guest bathroom, I wrote down the name because it's a nice natural smell, and got myself a bottle.

The handwash at the top is the one I use in our bathroom and it also has a nice clean, neutral smell.

But tell me, what do you use? Can you recommend anything?
Also, is it me or is R38 a bit steep for soap????

I always feel a bit cheap saying things like that but oh well, I call it good stewardship of my money.

But quick - a funny story. A girl at work had a STUNNING lip colour so I asked her for the name and brand (Frost by MAC) but then when I heard how much MAC is (R220!), I promptly tossed the post-it note away. That is just too much for lipstick. My most expensive lipstick was R90 (Rimmel).


  1. We use the bodywash version of the handwash you use for the grown-ups, and K has his own baby wash. I love, love K's wash, but they don't come in bigger sizes, and it's not pocket friendly at all. We tend to stock up on the 3 for 2 specials.

    In terms of frugality with money on items, there are things I'm happy to get cheaper, and other things that I just can't. I like to think it balances might not 0_o

  2. In general I think Body wash is expensive - so I have now started to only use soap at home. I do however buy for gym and when we go away -soap boxes are just not on and gory with slimy soaps in . A and I use the Nivea Happy Time body wash - it has a non intrusive smell and moisturize beautifully. The boys have one of of those Radox for men ones they like - a very herbal smell

  3. I buy the kids the cheapest thing I can find - generally a bar of soap. If I put a body wash they will use it in one shower (I gave birth to savages). I also get given stuff so I use that mostly :)

  4. For me it is the Nivea products all the way. We are big on bodywash and I have tried many. I like the Nivea because it does not leave your skin dry. Bar soaps are not my favorite.
    Nivea is a bit more expensive, but we buy three at a time and then you forget it costs a lot because it is while until you have to buy again.

  5. There is Instagram drama?? I am so clueless when it comes to drama that is not of my own causing :)

    I don't generally use body wash, I use Protex soap on my body and Dove soap for my face. We got a Dettol body wash as a gift which we've been using in the shower and it's really nice but I have no clue what it costs...


  6. Plain white soap here. Dove for my face and NOT for the kids. They are savages, just like Laura's kids! Bodywash is too expensive. I don't think you're being cheap. R28 is A LOT. I do buy cheap bodywash for the kids for when we go away and then I just use whatever gifts/samples I have.
    Also. I have learned that you get what you pay for. OPI nail polish is about R180. But the formula is BEAUTIFUL, it doesn't clump, it lasts long on the nail and the colours are AMAZING. As opposed to Sinful which doesn't have bad colours but which has a streaky formula and sells for like R25. If I had the funds then I WOULD buy MAC!

    1. Agreed, but I have used Sinful successfully. I find most nail varnishes need two coats. Read my post on OQ yesterday

  7. ps....if you're SERIOUSLY into something then I think it's OK to pay a lot for it. That girl spending R220 on a decent lipstick is no different to me spending R220 for a skein of baby alpaca yarn as opposed to a R16 skein of acrylic crap from Checkers!

  8. I use Dove soap and as a second wash Nivea creme coconut. I love that OSH body wash and if you buy it in the big bulk bottle its not so expensive. I just hate going to Clicks...unless we go to Bedford Centre...

  9. IG drama? Sam and I obviously missed it :)

    Until recently I've always used soap - protex. I need to feel like I have washed my skin. My sister calls it stripping the oils away.
    I was given a woollies and Body shop showergel and I'm now on a shower gel streak. I haven't had to buy any, as I realised I actually had quite a few around the house. Y only uses soap. And for K it is a combination until recently she only used epimax cream as a wash and when she uses soap it has to be dove- sensitive skin issues.

    With nail polish I don't like to spend a lot but when it comes to powder and lipstick I'm
    Happy to shell out money as I believe you get what you pay for. My trick though has been to buy my favourite lipsticks when they are on sale and dis.chem always seem to have it on sale every few months :)

  10. We generally use soap to bath with but when I go away I like a body wash. So I sent my mom to buy me a body wash just before I went on conference and she got some strawberries and cream - A Palmolive one. First I was like "ug, I like a fresh clean smell, and I don't necessarily want to smell like a dessert after I shower" but man, it's gorgeous. I smell so good I want to lick myself! I'm still using it currently and will buy another when this one is done :)


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