Monday, March 14, 2016

How this heat has been affecting me

I realised the other day when I felt like I could conquer the world just how this heat's been affecting me.

It had been cooler for a few days and I made a big list of things to do and I got about 12 of the 15 things done.


Because up to that point, it's been bare necessities around here, especially on the weekends. Gym, Weigh-Less, church, I only cook when the freezer is bare, I only run errands if absolutely necessary and the rest of the time.... reading and chilling.

Some days napping!

I've always said I'm a winter baby but really, I am someone who suits the cold weather.

I am even happier at work when the skies are grey and it's cooler outside.

Of course I'm behind with my walks for the year because it's been so hot. I just can't fathom getting out for a walk in the heat.

I know I catch up on the walks in autumn and winter, but I don't like being behind with anything :)

I really cannot wait for the consistently cooler weather. What in the heck happened on Sunday? I wore jeans for the 21 degree weather and it felt like 28 degrees.

Looks like my kids are like me too, definitely Connor. The slightest whisper of rain and they were on with the cooler clothes and gumboots, even with umbrellas :)

And what better way to return from a walk than to have some nice hot chocolate and a mini scone?!

Are you more energised in warm or cool weather?

PS, for Laura :)

Affect is usually a verb, and effect is usually a noun. To affect something is to change or influence it, and an effect is something that happens due to a cause.



  1. We are all so get energised by the cooler weather...I need the warm weather to function and in winter curl into myself and hibernate. Love the photos of your children...and I really, really don't want to unpack my winter clothing yet.

    1. My MIL is like you, Lynette. She cannot understand D and me - she hibernates too in winter and you can't pry her out of the house easily. But the entire family has winter birthdays (all 7 of us in 3 months)

  2. I love love love that photo against the blue wall. Your neighbourhood really has some stunning walls and of course you have a great eye to notice them. How I wish I was energised in any season. I hibernate in winter and I chill in summer too. I do prefer spring and autumn weather. On a side note I did make my husband wraps for lunch this morning so I am feeling like Martha Stewart right now. Hoping that this good feeling makes me more pro-active.

    1. You ARE Martha for making him lunch. Nearly 21 years and D hasn't got lunch once. A muffin now and again, but not proper lunch :)

      Come and take a walk with us on a Sunday afternoon and I'll show you all the spots :)

  3. While I am totally enjoying the bit cooler weather and totally love the rain (a true ploviaphile) I really can not stand the cold. I get into a total standstill and do not want to do anything at night when it's cold.

  4. I'm definitely more of a summer baby and I enjoy the warm weather. I must admit though that this year, after the boiling nearly unbearable weather that we've been having, I've welcomed the cooler days and I'm even loving the cooler weather more. It's much easier with the kids too...going out for walks and playing outside when the sun isn't cooking over your head is so much more pleasant :-)

  5. Autumn and Spring are my FAVOURITES! I am DEAD in the heat. Can't do ANYTHING. And I tend to hibernate in Winter. I can't handle the intensity of Winter and Summer. It's too much. And now I MUST have a scone. Will have to make a plan ASAP.

    1. There's a Checkers near our church that only very rarely has scones, but when they do, we buy- they're delicious. Of course my friend Khanyi's are the best hands-down!

  6. I find the in-between seasons are best...they tend to have just the right mix of cold and warm.

  7. Since moving to NZ I am definitely more of a cooler weather type of person. Although today was pretty chilly. Your affect and effect explanation reminded me of how people also don't always understand the difference between insure and ensure :-)

  8. Summer all the way, Baby!

  9. Cooler weather anyday!! The heat kills me. And especially the kind of dry heat burn your face type we had this last summer

  10. I am enjoying the break from the heat but I don't know that I love winter more!

    LOL I am waging war with loose and lose at the moment!!!! Really the struggle is real!


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