Monday, March 21, 2016

My little photo project

So far my little project is going very well.

I've got the whole thing down to just a few short minutes every Sunday - it's WONDERFUL.

I take about 30 pics in about 2 minutes, and there's usually something good there :)

The only thing is... I'm now so fast at getting the pics that I've started forgetting about getting some of me with the kids.

I haven't had this problem for 4 years so when I was doing my Feb project life on Saturday night and I couldn't find any pics of me and the kids, we had to fix it the very next day.

And from now onwards I'll be more diligent in getting D to come take a pic, or I'll get a selfie with the kids or something.

But for now, enjoy K & C's 52 project for Feb :)

How are your 2016 photo projects going thus far?
Are you getting in photos with the kids?


  1. I am catching up on 2015 pics at the moment! :) :) I have just finished my photo books through September...working on Oct-Dec now. [Sadly] this is pretty good for me. ;)

    Did you see I finally bought a zoom lens??!!! I am SO excited!!! I need more practice, but I am tickled. I have been wanting this for such a long time!

    I LOVE the pic of K&C with their arms intertwined. I will arrange that with A&B soon.

  2. The only photo's I get of me withe the kids are selfies taken on my phone! Terrible I know!

  3. I just finished all my 2015 photos!!! I have regretfully taken very few photos this year, life is really getting in the way of me living. I've also scratched the camera lens on my phone so I have no fall back. Hopefully I can remedy this over spring break!

  4. Beautiful pictures!!! And i agree why mess with something that is working. Would be interesting to look back from the beginning and see how the kids have changed.

    I get in too many pictures ;) mostly selfies but I aim for 2-3 professional shoots a year so we are all in as a family.

    I made my 2014 photo book and I've just started organizing the 2015 pictures for photo book creation. I already did the 2nd birthday book. So almost up to date

  5. I managed to get some selfies with Cam while we were in PE - the others are always around me so I have a few with them. I am loving taking photos again now that I have my new lens :)


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