Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Playing games

Did you know that it's a thing for 6-year-olds to love playing games? I didn't until I read this book I told you about before.

While I'm recommending a book, I want to say something that's been milling about in my mind for a bit.

People say "I don't read parenting books" and that's fine....kind-of. I think that's silly, honestly. I do think don't read anything and everything, especially if you're desperate. Like if you're delirious from lack of sleep with a newborn (or two), don't read all the books about sleep methods that don't tie in with your values. If you're a co-sleeper, don't read Gina Ford. And so on.

But when you're not in a desperate stage, it's just wise to read up some and catch a few tips here and there.

It's just the same how we read parenting blogs, don't you think?

And now I'll step off my soapbox.

Back to the games...

D and I often say "this was the holiday of the .............." like there was a Ballito holiday once where the kids collected those tiny pellets from toy guns on the boardwalk every single day.

This last holiday was the holiday of card and board games.

They are insatiable. There's almost no point to packing the cards or Ludo away. Or the backgammon. And some other games I don't even know the names of....

I'm not a fan of games myself. Most of it feels like chance, and I prefer to use my brain. I do like 30 seconds and Pictionary, but I've told you before, D and I have to play on the same team.

I do like the kids playing because you get AWESOME photos like this set.

K will play the games up to a point but then she wants to draw or doodle or make things.

Do you like playing games?
Which are your favourites?

Do your kids like playing games too? Which games?


  1. Marcia, boardgames are the best. There are so many amazing games to play. And I'm sure that you would love the worker placement/manage resources games. Boardgames are one of the key ways we're social with friends. And we plan on buying the junior version of a few we play to play with K. Let me know if you need to chat about boardgames.

  2. Our love Boardgames. Monopoly junior is a favorite and Uno. They got a Cluedo for Christmas and A and C loves it - although I do not think L or C fully understands it. In all honestly it took time to teach both my mom and MIL to understand the concept. I love it because there is a certain logic and a bit of brainwork in it.

    1. So many more boardgames to be played Cat. Right, I need to write a post on this for you guys :)

  3. I don't read parenting books!
    We have all been trying to play chess. Liam took up chess this year and none of us in the house know how to play.. so we're all trying to learn with him. My dad is a chess master so he will teach us next week when we're there. Currently our favourites are Uno, Scrabble and Dominoes.

  4. Do you guys have the game "Trouble"? It's a family favorite of ours. (Interestingly, I never played it growing up, but J did!) UNO and Connect 4 get a lot of play at our house these days, too. I agree with you that the games of chance aren't as fun for me. But those with a little strategy? I love them! :)

  5. I have read a lot of parenting books! Some are really inspirational. We do have board games but don't use them much but maybe Nicky will show more interest when he's older.

  6. I'm on the fence about parenting books, I do
    Read but I never finish because I always feel meh about them. I do believe I don't need a book to teach me how to parent my child. I do love parenting blogs though especially of parents I know. I feel I learn more from
    Talking to other parents rather than reading books... An example i used to worry about K not napping (because the parenting books said babies must have 2 naps) until 2 wise people told me the number of cumulative hours of sleep is more important than how many times a baby sleeps.... You might not remember that conversation

    Games I used to love playing but not so much these days. Monopoly (but it turns out I'm too risk averse), scrabble, ludo and snakes and ladder used to be my favourites

  7. I don't read parenting books!
    I have a love/hate relationship with board games. Usually my attention span wanes shortly after we start playing! I do love 30 Seconds though - nice and quick!

  8. I did read parenting books in the beginnning. And then I stopped. Because they were talking about other kids. Not mine!I find more value in talking to other parents in similar situations. I do read the occasional book if it's highly recommended by our therapists.
    I keep planning to introduce games and then I forget. They seem to prefer reading anyway! We're still on cards. And dominoes. And UNO. And snakes and ladders! I think I need to up my game and add scrabble at least. I am not that fond of board games. I like 30 seconds and scrabble. That's it really.


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