Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Quick update on the work situation

Last week I wrote a little about the stuff currently happening at work.

Even though I was not the one with the tears and drama.... I am most definitely affected.

(Using affected/ effected incorrectly is one of my pet language peeves)

Matter of fact, the type of work I do is the section most affected by the change.

I am really not too bothered by the change itself (I'm hoping our useless assistant moves to a different area than I end up in!), except by the reporting line.

We have a very loose change management plan but basically all will be revealed over the next 2 months because implementation date is 1 July.

The really good thing is that since I've had a really bad work situation before (and that's an understatement), left and survived, I know I have the fortitude to do the same, if need be. And I will be just fine, both emotionally and financially.

So I'm not worried.

I also don't have the same attachment to this company that I did to the last one, which is maybe a good thing...

And that's it.

But how are you doing?

How was your February? Despite the extra day, mine went way too quickly!

I have 3 different grey walls at my house. With all the painting that went on last year, I'm a bit obsessed by the Perfect Grey.

Behold, Cape Town knows how to do grey.

 Which colour are you currently obsessed by?


  1. Well of course we know how to do grey :p
    I'm in overwhelmed land again, am working on it as best I can.

  2. Overwhelmed. Closed a long chapter in our lives today ... relieved. Colors I'm obsessed with?
    golden yellow, royal purple, bright turquoise, and true green.

  3. I love lime green, still.
    It is great that you can handle this new situation better, at least the old company had a purpose, that way.

  4. I am always more partial towards a blue than a brown grey that always feel a bit dirty to me.

    I always love shades of blue - turquoise is my colour of the moment.

    I love how you are handling this work stuff

    1. And February was a bit crazy

  5. February passed in a blink of an eye!

    I am so glad you are handling the work situation so well - see that was the reason why you went through the last disaster - in order to handle and know you will always land on your feet!

    I am always attracted to blue's and greens. I am currently thinking of painting one wall in our room a summery yellow actually ;-)

  6. I never know how to use affect and effect. Really I have to stop and think about it each time. Don't even ask me to use loose and lose - I do EVERYTHING I can to avoid them!

    I don't even know what the heck happened to Feb. No one told us that high schools do ALL their major sports events in the first few weeks of the term!!!!!

  7. HA. Effect/Affect is one of my pet peeves too.
    I totally get this post. I was super unhappy in my previous job. I am unhappy now too. But my current unhappiness does not even come close to what I felt then. Which is a big part of why I'm so comfortable. Which, as you know, is a huge problem right now.

  8. People misuse affect and effect? Interesting! Has the work situation improved? Will it be a gradual change? I don't handle change very well :(

  9. My February? I am still recovering from end of financial year stress :-)

  10. I have missed a lot! What's going on with work! We need to meet up!


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